Tracking Class Chart

In the chart below, you will find a description of our new tracking classes to better help our customers determine what type of tracker they need for there application. If you are still uncertain on which tracker you might needs please contact us via phone toll free at (888) 323-8720 or email at




Class A

GTR-128, GTR-129, TR-151 TR-600, TR-606B, TR-606C These trackers are better suited to locate and track light vehicles such as a motorcycle(GTR-128/129), to heavy machinery such as tractor trailers and bulldozers (TR-151, TR-600, TR-606B, TR-606C).

CLASS P (Personnel)

TR-203, TR-206

The Class P trackers are well suited to track and locate your personnel such as an off-site employee, an elderly family member who needs extra care away from home, or your teenager who just got their driver's license.