TR-606B FAQ's

1.) Q: What GPS chipset does the TR-606B use?
1.) A: High Performance GPS chipset

2.) Q: How many Inputs/Outputs does the TR-606 have?
2.) A: SOS Input 1 (Negative Trigger)
Ignition (ACC) input 1 (Positive Trigger)
Digital Input Port 2 (Negative Trigger)
1 (Positive Trigger)
Digital Output Port 3 (300mA) (Negative trigger)
Analog Input Port 1 (0 - 28V)
Serial Port 1 (115200bps)

3.) Q: What do the LED status mean?
3.) A: Power Status (Red) Permanently on : Device ON
GPS Status (Yellow) Permanently off : GPS off
Fast blinking (every 1s) : GPS Not Fix
Slow blinking (every 3s) : GPS Fix
GSM Status (Green) Permanently off : GSM off
Fast blinking (every 1s) : Network search / Not registered / turning off
Slow blinking (every 2s) : Registered full service Permanently on : a call is active

4.) Q: What GSM Module does the TR-600 use?
4.) A: UMTS/HSDPA 850/1900 MHz
850/900/1800/1900 MHZ

5.) Q: What are the dimensions of the TR-600?
5.) A: 98 mm x 65mm x 22mm (3.85" x 2.55" x 0.86")

6.) Q: Does the TR-600 do Data Logging?
6.) A: Yes, it can store up to 50,000 points.

7.) Q: Does it have an internal backup battery?
7.) A: Yes, it has an 820mAh battery.

8.) Q: Can it do voice monitor or two way voice calling?
8.) A: Yes, it supports external speaker and microphone.

9.) Q: What type of GPS and GSM antenna?
9.) A: GPS - SMA type connector Active antenna (3.3V - 3.8V) (included) GSM - SMA type connector (included)

10.) Q: What protocols does the TR-600 use?

11.) Q: Can I do Over The Air (OTA) firmware updating?
11.) A: Yes.

12.) Q: Does the TR-600 support Geofencing?
12.) A: Yes.

13.) Q: What accessories are available for the TR-600?
13.) A: GPS Antenna, GSM Antenna, 14 pin Peripheral Interface Cable, 8 pin Serial Interface Cable, RS-232 cable (For developers).