TR-206 GPS Tracker FAQ

1.) Q: What are the deviceís dimensions?
1.) A: The TR-206 physical dimensions are listed below:
84.5 mm(L) x 42.2 mm(W) x 17.2 mm(H)

2.) Q: What is the GSM module utilized on this unit?
2.) A: The GSM module is GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz,GPRS Class 10.

3.) Q: What is the deviceís operating temperature?
3.) A: The operating temperature is between the range of -20∞C to 60∞C.

4.) Q: What is the deviceís operating humidity?
4.) A: The GPSí humidity is 5% to 95% non-condensing.

5.) Q: Is the TR-206 device water resistant?
5.) A: Yes, it meets the IPX4 standards.

6.) Q: What are the different TR-206 Status Icons?
6.) A: You would see the following on the LCD Screen:
GSM Signal, Power Status, Ringing Setting, Vibration Setting, Alarm Clock, Logger, Keypad Lock, and GPS Status
For more information, please refer to the TR-206 User Manual.

7.) Q: How does the user know the TR-203 GSM status?
7.) A: By looking at the GSM Signal. The more bars that are visible, the stronger is the signal.

8.) Q: How does the user know the TR-203 GPS status?
8.) A: Looking at the upper right corner of the LCD screen, you'll either see the letter G (No GPS Fix) or the same letter enclosed in a box (GPS Fix).

9.) Q: What are the batteryís specifications?
9.) A: It is a rechargeable and replaceable 1100 mAh Li-ion battery.

10.) Q: How long should it be charged?
10.) A: It takes about 3~4 hours to fully charge the battery if the TR-206 is turned off. If the device is on, it will take more time to fully charge the battery.

11.) Q: What is the operation time of TR-206? If the battery is fully charged, how long can I use it?
11.) A: The power consumption rate varies with mode settings, GPS signal strength, and GSM signal strength. However, average power consumption times are listed below with good GPS and GSM signal receptions.

1. Standby(GPS OFF, GSM ON): (about 200 Hours)

2. Periodic Mode (Report Interval=60 sec): about 10-13 Hours (depending on the environment)

3. Talking Time: about 2-3 Hours

12.) Q: How would the user know its battery status?
12.) A: By looking at the Power Status on the upper left side of the screen.

13.) Q: What are the TR-206 external user interface?
13.) A: It includes a Receiver, LCD, Answer key/Call List/Selection key/Unlock key, Speed dial/Increase Volume/Scroll Up/Access to Setting Menu, Power key/ Reject key/Exit key, SOS button/GPRS connection, Speed dial 2/Phone book, Speed dial 3/Decrease the volume/Unlock key, Speed dial 4, Microphone, and Speaker.

14.) Q: Is there a data port?
14.) A: The TR-206 is equipped with a mini-USB port serving for both PC data communication and battery power charging.

15.) Q: What is the deviceís antenna type?
15.) A: The device is equipped with an omni-directional GPS antenna.

16.) Q: Is there an external antenna connectivity?
16.) A: Unfortunately, it doesn't have that option.

17.) Q: Is it equipped with a microphone?
17.) A: Yes. The TR-206 is equipped with a microphone for phone calls.

18.) Q: Does it have a Speakerphone feature?
18.) A: Sadly, that feature is not available with this device.

19.) Q: What are the GPS chipset features?
19.) A: The following are provided below:


• -165dBm Ultra High Sensitivity

• Fast Time To First Fix

• Low Power Consumption

• Built-in Power Management circuit

• Built-in external antenna detection & protection circuit

• Support Mediatek Intelligent power saving mode

• Support both on-line and off-line AGPS modes

• Support both TCXO and XTAL as clock sources

Reference: Mediatek

20.) Q: What Web Tracking services can I use?
20.) A: The ezfinder ( provides free web tracking services for the TR-151, TR-203, TR-206, and TR-600.