TR-203 GPS Tracker FAQ

1.) Q: What are the deviceís dimensions?
1.) A: The TR-203 physical dimensions are listed below;
Metric: 79 mm (Height) x 41 mm (Length) x 18 mm (Width)
Standard: 3.11 in. (Height) x 1.61 in. (Length) x 0.71 in. (Width)

2.) Q: What GSM module is utilized on this unit?
2.) A: The GSM module is a SIMCOM 340 Quad Band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz

3.) Q: What is the deviceís operating temperature?
3.) A: With Battery -4F to 140F /-20C to 60C
With Charger -4F to 131F/-20C to 55C

4.) Q: What is the deviceís operating humidity?
4.) A: The GPSí humidity is 5% to 95% Non-Condensing.

5.) Q: Is the TR-203 device water resistant?
5.) A: Yes it meets the IPX4 standards.

6.) Q: What are the basic TR-203 LED status indicators?
6.) A:
Amber (Power) - Charging.
Red (Power) - Low Battery
Blue (GPS) - light blinking slow (3 seconds) = 3D GPS Fix
Blue (GPS) - light blinking fast (1 second) = No GPS Fix
Green (GSM) - light blinking slow (3 seconds) = Standby Mode
Green (GSM) - light blinking fast (1 second) = No SIM card inserted, TR-203 is searching for GSM network, SIM card is registering to GSM network.

7.) Q: How does the user know the TR-203 GSM status?
7.) A: The TR-203 status indicators include a GSM LED providing the user with voice monitoring status. In addition, a SIM connection and validation status indicator is incorporated.

8.) Q: How does the user know the TR-203 GPS status?
8.) A: The TR-203 status indicators include a GPS LED providing the user with real-time satellite acquisition status.
Flashing quickly (1 second) = TR-203 has no satellite fix
Flashing slowly (3 second) = TR-203 has not acquired a satellite fix.
Off = TR-203 GPS function is asleep.

9.) Q: What are the batteryís specifications?
9.) A: The rechargeable battery specifications are 900 mAh Li-Ion.

10.) Q: What is the indication that battery is full (how long it should be charged)?
10.) A: The ìAmberî power LED activates upon the AC charging adapter being connected to the TR-203 unit. Upon battery reaching full charging capacity, the ìAmberî power LED turns off. When battery charge is low, the ìAmberî power LED will change to ìRedî.

11.) Q: How is the operation time of TR-151? If the battery is fully charged, how long can I use it?
11.) A: The power consumption rate varies with mode settings, GPS signal strength, and GSM signal strength. However, average power consumption times are listed below with good GPS and GSM signal receptions.

1. Standby(GSM ON, GPS OFF) without any activity: about 200 Hrs.
2. Periodic mode (report interval=60 sec, C1=90, C2=20) : about 8~10 Hrs
3. Periodic mode (report interval=30 sec, C1=90, C2=20) : about 6 Hrs
4. Sleep Mode (GSM OFF, GPS OFF) w/o any activity: about 120 days
5. Motion mode (report interval= 1 hour): about 120 Hrs
6. Motion Report (Motion interval 5 min_8 hrs ; Static interval 60 min_16 hrs): about 2 days

12.) Q: How does the user know the TR-203 Battery status?
12.) A: The TR-203 status indicators include a Battery status LED providing the user with battery status.
RED = Battery Low
ORANGE = Charging
OFF = When plugged in - Fully charged

13.) Q: What are the TR-203 external user interface features?
13.) A: The TR-203 provides users with a Power, S.O.S. buttons and reset button

14.) Q: Is there a TR-203 data port?
14.) A: The TR-203 is equipped with a mini-USB port serving for both PC data communication and battery power alimentation.

15.) Q: What is the deviceís antenna type?
15.) A: The GPS is equipped with a Patch Antenna type.

16.) Q: Is their an external antenna connectivity?
16.) A: Unfortunately, it does not.

17.) Q: Is the TR-151 equipped with a microphone?
17.) A: Yes. The TR-203 is equipped with a microphone for voice monitoring usage.

18.) Q: What are the TR-203 external user interface/ status features?
18.) A: The TR-151external user interface/ status features include; Power/ S.O.S. buttons and GSM/ GPS/ Power LED indicators.

19.) Q: What are the GPS chipset technical specifications?
19.) A: The on-board GPS chipset specifications are provided below:

Built in MTK MT3318 Low power consumption GPS chipset.
32 parallel satellite-tracking channels for fast acquisition and reacquisition.
Superior sensitivity up to -159 dBm.
Built-in WAAS/EGNOS Demodulator without any additional hardware. Or use the high-sensitive software to get the fast acquisition and reacquisition in the urban, canyon and foliage environments.

Non DGPS (Differential GPS)?
Position: 3.0 m CEP without SA
Velocity: 0.1m. / sec2Time: 0.1 microseconds. Sync GPS time
Position : < 2.2 m., horizontal 95 % of time <?5 m., vertical 95 % of time.

Acquisition Time:
Reacquisition < 0.1 sec. Average
Hot start 1 sec.
Warm start 33 sec
Cold start 36 sec.
Dynamic Conditions:
Altitude :Max 18,000 m ( 60,000 feet )
Velocity : Max 515 m./sec ( 1000 knots )
Acceleration : Max 4G
Jerk: 20 m/ sec.
NOTE: Spec data provided by MediaTek Inc. MT3318 chipset manufacturer.

20.) Q: What is the deviceís default datum?
20.) A: The GPSí default datum is WGS-84.

21.) Q: What Web Tracking services can I use?
21.) A: provides free web tracking services for the TR-151, TR-203, TR-206 and TR-600.