TR102 Tracker FAQ

1.) Q: When trying to set-up the TR-102 with the Call Center, I get a “TR102 com port error”?
1.) A: This most likely is caused because the TR-102 has not been put into setup mode.  To do this, simply press and hold the answer/hang-up button (red and green phone button) until you notice the LED’s flashing at the same time. You may then connect with the call center.

2.) Q:  Must I include the area code when inputting phone numbers in the call center?
2.) A:  Yes, when inputting phone numbers, be sure they are in the following format: 5555555555.

3.) Q:  When I call to trigger the TR-102, it just keeps ringing?
3.) A:  During the initial setup in the call center, under the phone mode tab, you are able to choose the “Answer” mode.  If set to “ON”, this allows the TR-102 user to answer any incoming phone calls.  Under this setting, the TR-102 can only be triggered by SMS.  If the answer mode is set to “OFF”, users cannot answer incoming calls.  This allows the TR-102 to be triggered by SMS or a phone call.

4.) Q:  I don’t know my GPRS settings (apn, username, password, dns).  Where can I find these?
4.) A:  The carrier of the SIM card that is installed in the TR-102 will have these settings.  However, if you purchased a T-mobile SIM from USGlobalsat, the settings are:
GPRS apn:
The username, password, dns settings should remain blank.

5.) Q:  Does the call center program save the received coordinates to a file?
5.) A:  Yes, it’s stored in an Access database file in the applications directory.

6.) Q:  Do I need to send a specific command by SMS to establish a GPRS connection?
6.) A:  No, the only requirement to connect the TR-102 with GPRS to trigger the TR-102 by either calling the unit or sending a blank SMS.

7.) Q:  When I try to send a command from the call center, there is no name in the drop-down menu?
7.) A: Before you can send a command from the call center, you must first establish a GPRS connection.  To perform this, you must first trigger the TR-102 by either calling it or sending an SMS.  Within seconds, you will see the name of you TR-102 displayed in the call center. 

8.) Q:  When I get a status report, it states “GPS not fixed”?
8.) A:  It is recommended, a 1-3 hour battery removal allowing a device reset.

9.) Q:  Can you update the firmware on the TR-102?
9.) A:  Yes, you can locate firmware and instructions at

10.) Q: Do I need to setup a GPRS server host name in the setup page for the TR-102? What does this name mean? Do we have to use it?
10.) A: GPRS Server Host Name is the server machine that the TR-102 will connect via GRPS. This must be the same machine that has the Call Center from which the TR-102 was programmed. You need to enter its Static IP (for example or its Host Name
(for example

11.) Q: As we setup APN, destination IP and phone number in GPRS setup page to TR-102, can we connect TR-102 to our server via GPRS?
11.) A: You must enter either the Server IP or its host name in the GPRS Server Host Name field. When TR-102 connects to GPRS, it will link to the specified Call Center through a designated TCP port. This port must be opened  in the server remote site.  By default, this port is 5000, but you can choose any port between 1024-5000. For details, please refer to TR-102 GPRS Access command document. Lastly, you are required to trigger TR-102 to connect to internet via GPRS by calling it or send it a SMS message.

12.) Q: Even in GPRS mode with answer off, the TR-102 rings twice?
12.) A: This is a normal situation. When TR-102 receives an incoming call, it will ring
twice before it hangs up.

13.) Q: So after verifying my settings, I called the TR-102 and it rang, so I was expecting it to communicate with the call center listening on port 5000, but the screen remains blank. Is there anything else I need to set up on the server to start tracking the TR-102?
13.) A: Please make sure your SIM card supports GPRS function. You may use
your mobile phone to attempt this. If you do not know whether your SIM supports
GPRS or not, please consult with your SIM card provider or Network
Service Provider.

14.) Q:Not sure how I could send additional settings since I am not seeing it
in the list, or can these settings be sent via USB maybe?
14.) A: In using the GPRS feature, it only requires you to trigger it either by a call or an SMS message. However, if you want to trigger it by a call, then, set the unit to “Answer Mode” to “OFF”. Lastly, you may trigger it via SMS, then, set the unit to “Answer Mode” to “ON”.

15.) Q: I’m not sure what the TR-102 is doing as there is no red light on the TR-102 when it sends SMS messages. Maybe it is a sign that it is not getting a GPRS line?
15.) A: Please make sure these parameters are correctly set: Setup--> GPRS -->
Parameter1 --> GPRS port: 5000, GPRS apn etc.... These setting
parameters are provided by Network Service Provider. Or you can check
this web site : for
the APN setting.

16.) Q: To start internet connection on the TR102, we must either select SMS messaging or call the TR102 directly. If we decide to call the unit, what is needed to activate the internet connection?
16.) A: The factory default setup is in “Standby Mode”. Note, it will not connect to GPRS by default. First, enter setup to configure the “Return Type” to “GPRS”. Second, use SMS messaging or Call (answer mode set off) directly to activate GPRS. The GPRS will memorize the current GPRS mode. Lastly, the following time you restart the TR-102, it will resume to the set previous mode.

For example, if it is in GPRS period report mode, it will memorize the current
mode. It will resume to previous mode after restart itself.

17.) Q: If the internet connection is started, how long does it take to display this status on the PC application?
17.) A: Approximately, 10 to 20 seconds from achieving the GPRS connection to the internet displaying status in the Call Center.

18.) Q: How can we tell if GPRS is working on the TR102?
18.) A: If TR-102 is connecting to GRPS, the “Blue” LED will flash at one second intervals. However, if TR-102 is not connected to GPRS (Standby Mode), the “Blue” LED will flash once per three seconds.

19.) Q: How does the PC application find the TR102 in the field without a known IP address?
19.) A: First, you are required to connect TR-102 to the Call Center PC via USB connection. Second, perform the necessary unit configurations. Thus, TR-102 gets the IP address information of the Call Center PC. Next, the Call Center PC will attain TR-102 IMEI information. When the TR-102 achieves Internet GPRS connection, it will communicate the required connections to the Call Center. Upon completion, the Call Center will accept the connection through the valid registered IMEI.

20.) Q: Do we need SIM cards with fixed IP addresses?
20.) A: The TR-102 can use a standard SIM (Voice and Data) card where GPRS function is typically activated. In reference to our document, the “IP address” is defined as the PC IP address, in which, the Call Center program is installed requiring a “fixed” IP address. Note, the IP address has no relations to the TR-102’s SIM card.

21.) Q: What GPS chipset is being utilized on this unit?
21.) A: The GPS chipset is SiRF Star III as the unit’s heart.

22.) Q: How many available GPS channels are there?
22.) A: The GPS chipset has a 20-channel satellite viewing capability.

23.) Q: What are the acquisition times?
23.) A: See below :
Hot Start: 0.1 sec., average
Warm Start: 38 sec., average
Cold Start: 42 sec., average

24.) Q: What is the synchronization time?
24.) A: The GPS’ the synchronization time is 1 micro-second to GPS time.

25.) Q: What is the device’s velocity accuracy?
25.) A: The GPS’ velocity accuracy is approximately .1milli-second to GPS time.

26.) Q: What is the device’s position accuracy?
26.) A: The GPS’ position accuracy is approximately 10 meters, 2-D RMS.

27.) Q: What is the device’s default datum?
27.) A: The GPS’ default datum is WGS-84.

28.) Q: What is the device’s maximum altitude?
28.) A: The GPS’ maximum altitude is 18,000 meters (18,000 ft.).

29.) Q: What is the device’s operating temperature?
29.) A: The GPS’ operating temperature is -20 degrees to 60 degrees Celsius (-4 degrees to 140 degrees Fahrenheit).

30.) Q: What is the device’s operating humidity?
30.) A: The GPS’ operating temperature is 5% to 95% Non-Condensing.

31.) Q: What is the device’s antenna type?
31.) A: The GPS is equipped with the Omni-Directional antenna.

32.) Q: What is the indication that battery is full (how long it should be charged)?
32.) A: The “Amber” power LED activates upon the AC charging adapter being connected to the TR-102 unit. Upon battery reaching full charging capacity, the “Amber” power LED turns off. When battery charge is low, the “Amber” power LED will be in “Red”.

As for charging times, when the TR-102 off and charging, approximately 4 hours charging hours is required to reach charge completion. In the other hand, when the unit is “ON” and charging, it will vary due to signal strength factors and normally taking a longer period of time.

33.) Q: How is the operation time of TR-102? If the battery is fully charged, how long can I use it?
33.) A: The power consumption rate varies with mode settings, GPS signal strength, and GSM signal strength. However, average power consumption times are listed below with good GPS and GSM signal receptions.

Mode/ Battery life
GPRS stop report & standby mode - over 100 hours
GPRS period report - 10 hours
GPRS stop connect and set period - 15 -- 16 hours
GPRS stop connect and set period report - 50 hours