TR101 Tracker FAQ

1.) Q: What GPS chipset is being utilized on this unit?
1.) A: The GPS chipset is SiRF Star III as the unit’s heart.

2.) Q: How many available GPS channels are there?
2.) A: The GPS chipset has a 20-channel satellite viewing capability.

3.) Q: What are the acquisition times?
3.) A: See below :
Hot Start: 0.1 sec., average
Warm Start: 38 sec., average
Cold Start: 42 sec., average

4.) Q: What is the synchronization time?
4.) A: The GPS’ the synchronization time is 1 micro-second to GPS time.

5.) Q: What is the device’s velocity accuracy?
5.) A: The GPS’ velocity accuracy is approximately .1milli-second to GPS time.

6.) Q: What is the device’s position accuracy?
6.) A: The GPS’ position accuracy is approximately 10 meters, 2-D RMS.

7.) Q: What is the device’s default datum?
7.) A: The GPS’ default datum is WGS-84.

8.) Q: What is the device’s maximum altitude?
8.) A: The GPS’ maximum altitude is 18,000 meters (18,000 ft.).

9.) Q: What is the device’s operating temperature?
9.) A: The GPS’ operating temperature is -20 degrees to 60 degrees Celsius (-4 degrees to 140 degrees Fahrenheit).

10.) Q: What is the device’s operating humidity?
10.) A: The GPS’ operating temperature is 5% to 95% Non-Condensing.

11.) Q: What is the device’s antenna type?
11.) A: The GPS is equipped with the Omni-Directional antenna.

12.) Q: What is the device’s talk time?
12.) A: The GPS’ talk time is 5 to 6 hours.

13.) Q: What is the device’s stand-by time?
13.) A: The GPS’ stand-by time is approximately over 100 hours.

14.) Q: What is the meaning of the 3 LEDs?
14.) A: The GPS is equipped with 3 LEDs representing; Power, GSM, and GSM status.

15.) Q: Does the device include software?
15.) A: No. Only a TR-101 configuration programming utility. This utility allows users setting tracking and calling programming parameters. As for tracking programs, you may use Google Maps as your tracking/ mapping solution.

16.) Q: Do I need a SIM card for operation?
16.) Q: Yes. The TR-101requires a standard SIM (Voice and Data) for operation.

17.) Q: How do you get a position report?
17.) Q: To request position report from TR-101, Simply send an SMS to TR-101 (the content in the SMS can be anything, even blank), then the TR-101 will try to fix its position, and send back to the monitor’s number who request the position.

18.) Q: Can I see the location on a map?
18.) A: To see the position of the device on map, the monitor, after receiving the coordinates, can go to a PC that has Internet connection and Internet browser. He/she will need to open an Internet browser and then go to to enter the coordinates, with the exact same format receive from the TR-101, and then the position of the device will be displayed on the map.
19.) Q: Will the TR-101 work with my cell phone?
19.) A: To receive SOS information from any TR, the monitor’s cell phone must have the ability to receive SMS and read SMS. That is why in the 3 pre-set SOS numbers column, end user have to put in a cell phone number oppose to a house phone number. Personally, I haven’t seen a house phone that can receive SMS or read SMS yet. If someone’s house phone does have those SMS functions, then the pre-set SOS numbers can be the house phone numbers.

20.) Q: Can the firmware be updated?
20.) A: All the TR series’ firmware is updatable

21.) Q: What’s required to start using TR-101?
21.) A: In order to start using TR-101, the end-user will require a SIM card from the wireless service provider. In the USA, Cingular and T-Mobile are the two which uses SIM card for their phone services. Verizon Wireless does not use SIM card; therefore, an end user cannot choose Verizon Wireless as their SIM card provider. Second, the SIM card service they choose must support the SMS (short message system) function. They also requires to get a phone plan in order to use the TR-101.

22.) Q: What GSM module does the TR-101 have?
22.) A: Embedded GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz , GPRS class 10

23.) Q: How long will the battery last before needing to be recharged?
23.) A: 48 hours in stand-by mode.

24.) Q: What is the indication that battery is full (how long it should be charged)?
24.) A: The “Amber” power LED activates upon the AC charging adapter being connected to the TR-101 unit. Upon battery reaching full charging capacity, the “Amber” power LED turns off. When battery charge is low, the “Amber” power LED will be in “Red”. As for charging times, when the TR-101 off and charging, approximately 4 hours charging hours is required to reach charge completion. In the other hand, when the unit is “ON” and charging, it will vary due to signal strength factors and normally taking a longer period of time.