GS-3212 FAQ

1.) Q: Why canít I get my GS-3212 to turn on even though itís connected to the AC or the 12V car charger?
1.) A: You need to be sure the HOLD switch located on the right side of the unit is switched to the UP position. If itís in the DOWN position, it will lock the device's touchscreen and buttons. Keep the HOLD switch

2.) Q: Where can I download the USB Driver for the GS-3212?
2.) A: Windows XP: Download and install Active Sync to access the GS-3212. Windows Vista/7: Download and install Windows Mobile Device Center

WARNING: Do not delete or modify any of the files on the GS-3212 (only the SD card files should be updated) or the device may become non-operational. Only the files located on the SD card (Storage Card directory) are the ones you will ever need to work with.

3.) Q: Where can I puchase GS-3212 Map Updates and additional POIs and 3D maps?.
3.) A: Go to and "Create a user profilie". Then make sure to select the GlobalSat GS-3212 as your device. You will need to install the NaviExtras Toolbox to install these updates to your GS-3212. For support with NaviExtras, please visit

4.) Q: Why canít I see any of my thumbnail photos when I select the ìPhoto Viewerî?
4.) A: The photos can take from 10~60 seconds to start to display in the thumbnail screen of the Photo Viewer. The larger the actual photo file size is, the longer loading will take. It is not recommended to load photos taken with resolutions higher than 1-megapixel to minimize the load and refresh times. Photos with large file sizes will also be slow in viewing and refresh during the slide show.

5.) Q: Can I use a larger SD card than 2GB?
5.) A: No, 2GB is the maximum the GS-3212 can read.

6.) Q: What movie format does the Video Player use?
6.) A: WMV / ASF.

7.) Q: What music format does the Music Player use?
7.) A: WMA / PCM

8.) Q: What picture format does the Photo Viewer use?
8.) A: BMP / JPG / GIF / PNG

9.) Q: Can the GS-3212 use any other mapping software programs besides iGO?
9.) A: No, as any mapping software needs to first be ìportedî to a GPS device to display and function properly. In other words the software code needs to be modified to properly fit the screen size, react accordingly when buttons on the GPS are pressed (i.e.Power, Reset, Menu, and Hold, etc). Software that is not included with the GPS navigation unit cannot properly interface with the necessary commands codes to function.