1.) Q: Why does it show “PC com port error” when I download data?
1.) A:Please check if the USB driver is installed or not.
Step 1: Connect GH-561 to your PC with the USB cable.
Step 2: Double click the “GH561 GS-Sport Travel Manager” icon from desktop to start the application.
Step 3: On the Configuration bar click “Com Port Setting”, and click “Scan ‘’ button. The COM port will be automatically scanned.

2.) Q: How do I keep my database when upgrade GS-Sport Travel Manager with new version?
2.) A:
Step 1: Select [Main]-> [Export Database] to export database to route where you want to save.
Step 2: Uninstall and re-install the later software.
Step 3: Select [import data] from Login menu to import database.

3.) Q: What kind of files format does GS-Sport Travel Manager support?
3.) A: GS-Sport Travel Manager supports standard GPX (GPS Exchange Format) and KML (Google Earth Format)

4.) Q: Why can I export data to Google Earth, but can’t export data to Google Earth Pro?
4.) A: Since the installed directory are different between Google Earth and Google Earth Pro, sometimes you can’t wake up it directly by simply clicking on GS-Sport Travel Manager Software; you have to follow the below steps to wake up it:
Step 1: If GS-Sport Travel Manager can’t show the map to the Google Earth or Google Earth Pro, the pop-up message will ask you if want to modify the directory or not.
Step 2: To find the directory of Google Earth or Google Earth Pro you installed,
choose the googleearth.exe then click OPEN to finish.
Step 3: Finally, the Google Earth or Google Earth Pro could be opened.

5.) Q: How can I uninstall GS-Sport Travel Manager?
5.) A:
Step 1: Use the uninstall feature from Windows menu:
Start > Programs > Globalsat GS-Sport > Uninstall GS-Sport Travel Manager
Step 2: Use add/remove program from Windows control panel:
Start > Setting > Control panel > Add/Remove program, search for GS-Sport Travel Manager and uninstall.

6.) Q: Why I installed the GS-Sport Travel Manager, but pop-up message shows “the service is not ready”?
6.) A:
Step 1: Please reopen the software and the database will active automatically.
Step 2: Please confirm that the firmware 2.0 or late has been installed.

7.) Q: Why do I feel the guiding of GH-561 not as expected?
Step 1: Please make sure is there any magnetic interference close to device
Step 2: Please follow the instruction of user manual to calibrate compass
Step 3: The poor reception from GPS signal will effect performance as well, please aim the device toward to sky for a good signal.

8.) Q: Why can’t my GH-561 communicate with PC?
Step 1: Please make sure that you have installed STM32 USB driver.
Step 2: Please make sure the com port has been set correctly.