GD-101 E-Compass FAQ

1.) Q: How many destination points can I save on the GD-101?
1.) A: You can set 5 destination points

2.) Q: Can it display my current coordinates?
2.) A: Yes, under the direction indication screen, click the SEL button and hold the SEL button to select the icon you'd like. While the GD-101 is saving coordinates, the GD-101 will display the coordinates.

3.) Q: What units of distance can the GD-101 support?
3.) A: km/mile/nm

4.) Q: Can I manually set coordinates, so the GD-101 will point me to that direction?
4.) A: Yes, please refer to page 11 of the GD-101 User Guide (

5.) Q: Can I somehow plug in the GD-101 to the computer and download data from it or configure the device?
5.) A: Unfortunately, the GD-101 does not have that capability.

6.) Q: What kind of batteries do I need for the GD-101?
6.) A: End User changeable Battery Design: AAA x 2, Rechargeable Battery /General Battery /Alkaline Battery

7.) Q: What if the average battery life?
7.) A: Alkaline battery life can last for 18 hours.

8.) Q: Why does the GD-101 take longer to get a GPS fix while i'm in motion?
8.) A: Because the GD-101 is searching for satelittes. Please stay sationary while powering on to shorten the GPS Fix time.

9.) Q: Can the GD-101 display the current date/time?
9.) A: Yes, press and hold the SEL button until the settings screen shows, then select the 3rd item, then select the first item. This will show you the date and time. The displayed date/time is from the satellite data.

10.) Q: Why is the GD-101 not pointing me in the right direction?
10.) A: You will need to recalibrate the compass, or there could be magnetic objects that are interfering with the device.