1.) Q: How many waypoints can be stored?
1.) A:50,000 waypoints

2.) Q: What does the green LED represent?
2.) A: The green LED is for the GPS. If it is flashing, the GPS position is fixed. If it is steady, it is still searching.

3.) Q: What does the red LED represent?
3.) A: The red LED is for power status. If it is flashing, the device has low power. If it is solid red, it is on. If it is solid amber, it is charging.

4.) Q: What does the blue LED represent?
4.) A: The blue LED is for memory status. If it is flashing, the memory is 2/3 full. If it is solid, the memory is full.

5.) Q: How do you save a waypoint?
5.) A: Press the power button once.

6.) Q: What format types can be exported?
6.) A: Exporting formats include: KML, CSV, TXT, and GPX

7.) Q: What GPS data is stored?
7.) A: position, time, date, speed, and altitude

8.) Q: What is the slide switch’s purpose?
8.) A: The slide switch enables users to select multiple interval modes.

9.) Q: Will the DG-100 work with Microsoft Windows Vista?
9.) A: For Windows Vista, you can find the driver here: http://www.usglobalsat.com/downloads/USG_USB_Vista%20driver.zip

10.) Q: Why does the PC Utility not show COM ports under Microsoft Windows Vista?
10.) A: In Windows Vista, the application needs to be set to run as administrator. You can accomplish this by right-click the shortcut, select properties, then compatibility, then “run as administrator”. Then select “allow”

11.) Q: Is my device WAAS/EGNOS enabled?
11.) A: Yes.

12.) Q: Are track points retained when the batteries are replaced?
12.) A: Yes

13.) Q: Is this device waterproof?
13.) A: No

14.) Q: What platforms are supported?
14.) A: Windows XP and Windows Vista

15.) Q: What is the official time required to fully charge the unit?
15.) A: 7 hours

16.) Q: What datum is used?
16.) A: WGS-84

17.) Q: How many satellites are needed for 3-D positioning?
17.) A: A minimum of 4 satellites (3 for 2-D no altitude)

18.) Q: How long will the device function before the battery dies?
18.) A: Up to 24 hours

19.) Q: How many channels does the device have?
19.) A: 20 channels

20.) Q: Can you use an external antenna?
20.) A: Yes It must be MMCX