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AboutThe ND-105C USB GPS Receiver

ND-105C features high GPS sensitivity, Micro USB interface, low powerconsumption and ultra small form factor.
This product is powered by MTK GPS solution; it can provide you withsuperior sensitivity and performance even in urban canyon and densefoliage environment.
ND-105C supports up to 210 PRN channels. With 66 search channels and 22simultaneous tracking channels, ND-105C acquires and tracks satellitesin the shortest time even at indoor signal levels.
Through ND-105C’s excellent low-power consumption characteristic, whileusing power sensitive devices, especially portable applications.
ND-105C PCBA with a simple ID design is suitable for the followingdevice accessory:

● Smartphone (Android)
● Tablet (Android, Windows)
● Laptop (Windows, Mac OSX, Linux)
● Portable device

Product Features
● MediaTek high performance GPS Chipset
● Very high sensitivity (Chip Tracking Sensitivity: -165 dBm)
● Extremely fast TTFF (Time To First Fix) at low signal level
● Micro USB interface (includes Micro USB to USB Adapter cable)
● Built-in LNA
● Built-in GPS Antenna
● Built-in GPS status LED(Red)
● Built-in Back up Battery.
● Compact size (30.4 mm x 15.4 mm x 4.5 mm) suitable for portableapplication
● Very low power consumption
● Support NMEA0183 V4.0(GGA,GSA,GSV,RMC)
● Micro USB Supports Android, Linux, Windows (including 8.1 &10) & Mac OSX operatingsystems       

For Android Setup instructions, please visit the USGlobalSat Forumhere:

Unfortunately, it is not compatible with Windows RT, Windows 8.1 RT oriOS Devices like iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

ND-105C Package Contents:
• ND-105C Main Unit
• USB to Micro USB 9" Adapter Cable
• Quick Start Guide
• Software Mini CD (User Guide, Drivers, etc)

All USB GPS products sold by USGlobalSat Inc., and it's resellers areWAAS/ EGNOS enabled. USGlobalSat Inc., nor their resellers canguarantee that the device you are buying outside of USGlobalSat Inc.,or its network of resellers is WAAS/ EGNOS enabled. Make sure yourdevice comes direct from USGlobalSat Inc., or from it's network ofresllers.

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