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About The BT-368 Bluetooth GPS Receiver

The GlobalSat BT-368 is a Bluetooth® ( & USB w/ USB Data Cable ) GPS receiver that is as powerful as it is stylish. Embedding reliability and performance into a thin profile housing by utilizing GlobalSat's mature micro-technology based around SiRF's Star III GPS chipset. It's no accident that the impressive new design of the BT-368 was inspired to accent the recent wave of sleek mobile phones now entering the today's marketplace. With it's clean lines and striking trim combinations, the BT-368 is fast becoming a fashion statement among people on the move who demand a practicle yet elegant peripheral to meet their mobile lifestyle.

The BT-368 communicates with a host device (such as a PDA, Laptop, or Smartphone) using Bluetooth® 2.0 Serial Port Profile (SPP) technology and with a powerful built-in antenna, it still remains compact enough to provide impressive accuracy even while driving among downtown high-rises, or hiking under dense foliage without the need for an external antenna. The built-in, rechargeable Li-Ion battery provides up to 10-hours of continuous use from a full charge and with the auto-shut off feature, battery life is extended turning off the GPS when no Bluetooth connectivity with the host is available. With the USB Data Cable, the BT368 can fully support laptops/ desktop computers via USB!

Features include; 12VDC car and 110VAC home chargers, 3-Status LED's to indicate: Power, Bluetooth and GPS signal. Lightweight and easy to carry, the BT-368 is the ideal GPS receiver for most any application whether it be vehicle, aviation, marine or for topographical navigation and is compatible with most all NMEA compliant software sold on the market today. Compatible with Android, click here for details

BT-368 Package Contents:
• BT-368 Bluetooth GPS Receiver
• 110VAC Wall Charger
• 12VDC Car Charger
• USB charger cable
• CD-ROM (User Manual & GPS Info Test Utility)

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