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BT-335 GPS / Data Logger

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About The BT-335 Bluetooth GPS Receiver/ Datalogger


The BT-335 Bluetooth GPS receiver from GlobalSat utilizes the same platform as the ever popular BT-338 GPS receiver, which set the original benchmark standards for all SiRF III GPS receivers. With new improvements to its functionality and 8Mbit of internal memory, the BT-335 now can simultaneously record and store up to 14,200 waypoints as it navigates to various destinations when used with your favorite software. The GlobalSat BT-335 is a Bluetooth GPS receiver / data logger that records tracking data from the received GPS signal, then BT-335 records time, the date, traveling speed, altitude and GPS location at preset intervals. All you need to do is download the recorded GPS track log information by connecting the BT-335 via its built-in Bluetooth to your PC or laptop. Then users can easily export the recorded points using Globalsync v 2.0 to view on Google Earth or Google Maps the route traveled. If photos have been taken with your digital camera. This device is compatible with Android, click here for more details.

• BT-335 Bluetooth GPS Device
• CD-ROM User’s Guide (includes data extraction utility for Windows)
• 12VDC car  charger
• 110VAC wall charger


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