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You know what is the most dangerous thing? Adjust my GPS volume or scale when driving. Last time when I tried to do that, I almost had a car accident…but I found something. It’s ZorroGPS. It can adjust volume or map scale according to my driving speed by itself. I installed on my car and I’m surely away from accident.

Actually I tried ZorroGPS on Monday. It's OK. :D

I viewed zorro website.  They also sell PND in favorable price.
So I can directly buy a PND for my car instead I install the software on the phone and take it with me.

Eh...I get a problem. Is zorrogps only can run on smartphone with wm or wince os? When I wanna install it on Nokia or G1, it failed. If so, they really should improve that cuz many phones are not wm or wince os.


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