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Author Topic: GV-370 F.A.Q.'s  (Read 3780 times)


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GV-370 F.A.Q.'s
« on: April 01, 2011, 05:51:35 pm »


1.) Q: Why can’t I get my GV-370 to turn on or charge even though it’s connected to the AC or the 12V car charger?

1.) A: You need to be sure the small Off/On slide switch located on the back of the unit (bottom left-hand corner) is switched to the ON position. If it’s in the Off position, this cuts-off the internal battery power and the device cannot charge, nor can it be turned on. To extend battery life when not in use, it is recommended to slide this switch to the OFF position.

2.) Q: I installed the USB driver for the GV-370 on my PC but I why can’t I see the device listed when using Windows Explorer?

2.) A: You must also install Microsoft’s ActiveSync in order to have connectivity to the GV-370. When prompted to create a Partnership, always select “NO”. You will then see the GV-370 as the “Mobile Device” in Windows Explorer.

WARNING: Do not delete or modify any of the files on the GV-370 (only the SD card files should be updated) or the device may become non-operational. Only the files located on the SD card (SDMMC directory) are the ones you will ever need to work with.

3.) Q: Why can’t I calibrate my touch-screen from the “Settings” menu? When I tap on the cross-hair nothing happens.

3.) A: This is the only area of the device where tapping will not work. You are required to press and hold your stylus in the center of the cross-hair for 2 seconds then release to set the calibration point.

4.) Q: Why can’t I see any of my thumbnail photos when I select the “Photo Viewer”?

4.) A: The photos can take from 10~50 seconds to start to display in the thumbnail screen of the Photo Viewer. The larger the actual photo file size is, the longer loading will take. It is not recommended to load photos taken with resolutions higher than 1-megapixel to minimize the load and refresh times. Photos with large file sizes will also be slow in viewing and refresh during the slide show.

5.) Q: My GV-370 cannot start any of the application from my main menu (Photo Viewer, Media Player, MP3 Player, Navigation and Setting) even though my SD card is plugged into the SD slot. How can I start my selection from the menu?

5.) A1: Your GV370 may have lost the required files due to possible corruption of internal files. You can correct the problem using one of two methods. (#1 is the recommended method):
5.) A2: Creating a new “System Disk” using the DVD that came with your GV-370. When using this method, you may want to save your existing Favorites, Itinerary and Recent files from the navigation program, in addition to any photos, MP3’s or movies you may have copied to the System Disk SD card.

Back-up and then replace these files once your new System Disk SD card has been created:

SDMMC:\ Netropa IntelliNav \ Favorites.dat*

SDMMC:\ Netropa IntelliNav \ Itinerary.dat*

SDMMC:\ Netropa IntelliNav \ Recent.dat*

*Note these files will not be present if you never used these functions.

All *.MP3 files (if you placed any on the SD card)

All *.MPG files (if you placed any on the SD card)

All *.JPG files (if you placed any on the SD card)

5.) A3: To try to get your existing SD card to reload System Disk files without creating a new System Disk:

Delete the UpdateAP.dat in the root directory of your SD card and replace it with this one UpdateAP.dat (Be sure the small slide switch on your SD card is not in the locked position).

Note: If copying the UpdateAP.dat file directly from the DVD, Windows 2000 users will need to first copy and paste the file to their local PC drive and uncheck the READ ONLY “Attribute” setting by right-clicking on the file name and selecting Properties.

6.) Q: When creating a new System Disk, why does it seem like the program freezes or stops running all together?

6.) A: When the process of creating a new System Disk (SD) begins, files names will be visible on the utility indicating the transfer has started. The “progress bar” will only begin to show the incremental green bars within the last 5-minutes of the download process. Prior to this, it could be a little confusing when there are no green bars being displayed. This program will seem to be inactive especially when it hits a large file to download. There is the appearance of being stopped or frozen, but patience is the key. In some cases, the entire System Disk process can take between 15~30 minutes to complete (depending on the computer transfer rate). Keep monitoring the file names which are being displayed and you will notice that they do in fact change, indicating that the program is functioning properly.

7.) Q: Can I use a larger SD card than 2GB?

7.) A: No, 2GB is the maximum the GV370 can read.

8.) Q: Can I use different SD cards other than the System Disk in the GV-370?

8.) A: Yes, after running the first initial boot-up of the GV-370, the MP3 Player, Photo View and Media Player execution files will be transferred to the device’s internal memory, allowing you to then use your own SD cards for playback of your personal media such as photos and MP3 files. The only function you cannot do is navigation. For photos keep image file sizes to a minimum to avoid slow displays (see Q3. above)

9.) Q: What format movie does the Media Player use?

9.) A: The Media Player can read MPEG1 (.mpg) format which is common for VCD. There are many different software utilities available that that can convert different video formats into MPEG1 if your original data in not in the correct format.

10.) Q: How can I save or transfer my destination in my Favorite or Recent folder?

10.) A: It is recommended that you periodically back-up these files if the addresses are important to you. By backing up these files, you can copy them back to a new System Disk after it’s been created and avoid having to re-enter the addresses again.

SDMMC:\ Netropa IntelliNav \ Favorites.dat*

SDMMC:\ Netropa IntelliNav \ Itinerary.dat*

SDMMC:\ Netropa IntelliNav \ Recent.dat*

*Note these files will not be present if you never used these functions.

All *.MP3 files (if you placed any on the SD card)

All *.MPG files (if you placed any on the SD card)

All *.JPG files (if you placed any on the SD card)

Q.) 11: Can the GV370 use any other mapping software programs besides IntelliNav?

A.) 11: No, as any mapping software needs to first be “ported” to a GPS device to display and function properly. In other words the software code needs to be modified to properly fit the screen size, react accordingly when buttons on the GPS are pressed (i.e. volume up/down, zoom in/out, menu, next screen, previous screen etc). Software that is not included with the GPS navigation unit cannot properly interface with the necessary commands codes to function.
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