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Author Topic: User Manual  (Read 3134 times)


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User Manual
« on: March 25, 2009, 07:36:43 pm »

I was very excited to buy the GH-625M.  I installed the drivers, and the software and was anxious to get going.  When I opened up the Users Manual, my excitement died.  This isn't a "Users" manual.  It is nothing but a collection of instructions on how to set the various features of the device.  I can turn it on, cofigure the time, etc,.  All that is useful, but nowhere in the so called "manual" does it say how to actually USE the device.  I'm looking for a tutorial, which starts with something like.  " OK. you want to go for a bike ride, here's what you do.  Step 1"..    How the heck does one use this device?  I am so sick of companies making devices like this then not explaining in easy detail how to actually  use the device.  I'm thinking of returning it, and buying a Garmin.  Very disappointed.  Unless someone here can tell me how to actually get the device to DO anything, I'm going to return it.


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Re: User Manual
« Reply #1 on: March 26, 2009, 11:12:32 am »

Dear customer,

We feel sorry to inconvenience you. If you want to do a exercise like bike, you can

== parameter setting== (if want to active heart rate)
1. press [PG] third to MAIN MENU and then press [UP] to CONFIGURATION and press [OK].
2. Press [DOWN] twince to select HEART RT SETTING and press [OK].
3. Press [OK] to enter CARDIO MODE to enable HEART RATE MONITOR

== Custom page setting=== (if want to see the specified training date)
1. press [PG] third to MAIN MENU and then press [UP] to CONFIGURATION and press [OK].
2. Select USER SETTING and press [UP] or [DOWN] to select SET CUST PAGE and then press [OK]
3. There are four page for your selection to see what parameters you want during training.

=== Start Training =====
1. Take the watch toward to sky until get 3D fix, meanwhile the satellite icon will be solid.
2. Press [PG] to scroll page until timer page showing.
3. Press [OK] to start training.
4. If you want to stop training, press [OK] to stop timer and then press [ESC/LAP] and select YES then press [OK] to save data.

==== Check training data====

1. Press [PG] until MAIN MENU showing
2. Press [UP] to select ACTIVITY and then press [OK] to enter in.
3. Select ACTIVING INFO and then press [OK] to select.
4. You can see the your training data.



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