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Unable to program GTR-129 via sms/tcp



I am having issue to programm the GTR-129 via SMS, there is no response whatsover to my command sent via sms/tcp
used Globalsat_GTR-129_Development.pdf manual
IE: this is an example of my last attempt.


Must say that I have some trouble to understand the Checksum matter and can't find anywhere on the web the GTR128ConfigTool_DEV.exe (not even on your website)

Thank you

Hello tcltech,

Thank you for your interest in the GTR-129. Because the GTR-129's Development Document is a proprietary/confidential document, we recommend that you first visit our website: ( Register your product and generate a "Support Ticket" from within our system.

If you had purchased the item from the USGlobalSat website, you should already have a customer account and password. You can immediately log-in using that info. If you purchased it from one of our authorized resellers, you will need to establish a NEW account at:

By working within our support structure, we do not only address your specific issue in a timely manner, but also maintain a history of your incident to ensure that it is handled with appropriate actions. It's not only now, but for all potential future communications as well.

We again thank you for your patience and cooperation.


Please read our posted warranty policy, especially on how it pertains to sellers of USGlobalSat product on e-Bay & other unauthorized resellers:


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