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Upload the Globalsatplugin to sporttracks 3.1



Who can tell me the way to put a Glosatplugin into sporttracks 3.1?

I assume that you have ST installed already.

Internet Explorer does not honor the extension for the downloaded file and handles it as a .zip file.
Save the file and rename it.

There were problems installing plugins in ST2 (or ST3.0 even?), but not in 3.1 that I am aware of.
If you still have a problem, the ST forum is a better start as this is not a Globalsat specific problem.

This is what Sporttrack say's

--- Quote ---We've seen this problem with registry corruption.
Run this program to clean any problems you have in your registry:

Reinstall the application.
Now you should be able to double-click a plugin to install.

--- End quote ---

now it works


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