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GS 580P device detection failed.



I've got a problem with my GS 580P. As I installed the software on my computer and after i like to download the data from the device, gs sport trainer says.

Devive detection failed, please check for com port/baud rate settings

What have i done wrong?

regards from the Netherlands 

Hello DEPOM,

Have you installed the USB driver? If so, does the GB-580 show up in your Device Manager under Ports as "STM Virtual COM Port(COMX)"? Drivers can be found here:

If so, you might need to manually set the COM port by going to Configuration > COM port settings and manually select the correct COM port number.

Please let me know if you're still having issues. Thanks


I have installed the drivers.
After that i've changed the com port

Now it works properly. ;)


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