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keeping training database on a new PC


I have a GH625-B that came with a CD and installed the software Training Gym Version 2.1 on my laptop which is now running on Windows 7. I must change now to another PC with Windows7. How shall I proceed because I would like to keep the existing database with my training records of the past 2 years on this new PC.
As a try, I installed the CD on another PC with windows 7, installed also the driver for Win XP (as there is no driver for Windows 7 on that CD), but the program could not link with my GH625-B (problem1). I also replaced the database file ibdata1 with the same file on my old PC but my training data could not be accessed by the training gym program (problem2).
Can any-one help on this?

Dear Makri

i did pass your problems to our engineer and i will let you know if they give me any response

Thank you and have a nice day :)

Best Regards,

Dear Makri

For problem 1 and 2,please download USB driver and Training Gym Pro V1.6.10

For GH-625B software,we used Training Gym Pro to instead of Training Gym Version 2.1
please try to use new software~

I hope this will solve your problems
if you still have problems or others,please don't hesitate to let me know  ;)

Thank you and have a nice weekend :)

Best Regards,


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