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BU-353, BU-353-S4, & ND-100S on Android Tablets/Phones.


Android has the built-in drivers for our USB GPS Receivers in it's Linux kernel (PL2303), and if your device is running Honeycomb and above (Android 3.1 ~ Android 4.2+), then you can use the "UsbGPS4Honeycomb_MR1_alpha" app to get the USB GPS Receiver working.
Please download it from here:

This app was created for us by a developer in France, and it appears to be working, although, we can't guarantee that it'll work on all Android devices.

I would suggest you refer to the video the developer created regarding how to use the app:

If you need further help with this app working on your device, we suggest contacting the developer through the forum posting where the app is found.

Let me know if you have any further questions. Thanks.


I am trying to run your globalsat USB on a Nexus 7 (running Android 5.1.1) I have installed the USBGPS4DROID , and enabled 'mock locations.
I have not yet been able to get the tablet to 'discover' the satnav. Is there something else I should do? I have connected it  to the tablet via a powered USB hub.
It would be great to have a detailed installation instruction.

Alternatively, if you can't help, can you send me a link to 'Herbert' who made the app, as presumably he'll be able to advise. I cannot find a way of contacting him (I've tried github, xdadevelopers forum and youtube).
Thanks, Robin

ps there are only 4 fingers in a hand!


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