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Viewing KML Files on Google Maps


One end-user had share with us this website where you can plug in KML data and it will map a route for you on Google Maps. You can take a look here: (
In order to start viewing the kml data in Google Maps, please follow the instructions below:
1. Open up the Notepad program. You can do this by going to Start > Programs > Accessories.
2. On Notepad, go to File > Open.
3. Besides the File name field, select All Files on the drop-down box list.
4. Choose the kml file and click Open.
5. It will populate the white space with kml data.
6. Go to Edit > Select All.
7. Then, go to Edit > Copy.
8. Go to that website and paste that kml data.
9. Click the 'Show it on map!' button.
10. You should be able to see the coordinates on Google Maps.


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