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Kinetic Road Machine/Cyclone Power Reading


Any chance you can implement the power output calculation for the Kinetic Road Machine and Cyclone? 

According to their website, each trainer is calibrated at the factory and the power output can be calculated by using one of two cubic equations:

Kinetic Cyclone:
P = (6.481090) * S + (0.020106) * S^3

Kinetic Road Machine:
P = (5.244820) * S + (0.01968) * S^3

P = Power in Watts
S = Speed in MPH

Only speed in MPH is required for the calculation.  Link to description:


Welcome to the forums! Just a few questions:

In what device you wanted to place this feature request? Basically, what is the model number?
Also, what is the reason for suggesting this feature? Any comments you would like to share with us about it?

Sorry, I think part of my post was cut off after a botched c&p.

I have a GS-580P (great bike computer) and in the winter months when I spin on my trainer, having a power reading would be nice data point.  Kurt Kinetic trainers are calibrated from the factory, so the power readings can be based on the equations I posted previously.  KK sells a power meter specifically for these trainers for around $70, but the two issues I have with it are:

1. It runs off of a separate wired speed and cadence sensor (really on the speed sensor is needed).
2. The power reading will not be synchronized with the rest of my GS-580P data.

Adding this function in a training mode will: eliminate the need to buy a separate power monitoring device, not require having to mount another speed (and cadence) sensor, and will give me accurate power reading that is synchronized to my other data (i.e. hrm, cadence, speed)

Alright, thanks for the info and providing detailed comments about your request.

I will go ahead and pass this along to our engineers. Thanks.


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