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DG-200: Latest Versions of Data Center Utility (WIN & MAC)

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By the way, the latest version of the DataCenter for Windows and MAC have been released. For more details, please refer to this forum posting:

I downloaded the latest version, but it will not display my existing files correctly.  Is this backward compatible with older files?



Hello David,

Just a couple of questions:

What is the operating system and version of your computer?
Did you uninstall the previous version of the software and restart your computer before installing the latest one?
How old is the files that you're referring to?

With the latest version, I was able to open older files without any problems. You could send me those files to this email address: ( Then, include a brief description of the issue that you're having.

Windows 7
I did NOT uninstall the previous version prior to installing this one.  I will try uninstalling all versions, restarting and then re-install the new version.
Files are ~ 2 months old.

If setp 2 does not solve the problem, I will e-mail one of my files.

I will post back if it solves the problem.

I downloaded and installed the new version without issue and everything plays ok. Just a couple of gripes.

Playback shows a red pointy placeholder with a black dot. A selection of markers to indicate map placement would be nice (i.e, a car icon or bike). The main issue for me is that playback does not truly represent the time scale as gaps are just played without delay or indication of the time the vehicle was stopped. I would also like the option to play gaps in real time as in google maps. Also, playback in reverse is not there. An absolute necessity to my mind in any good software.  The option to edit the recorded data and remove parts would be a bonus and would be something good, as requested in my first request for the playback feature.

Has the option to choose which files to download from the Data Logger been replaced by this new idea of pulling all files off in one go. Sorry, thats a bad move and I would prefer to choose which files I pull from the logger. Please put that back in.

I assume it would not take much to do the above as the playback is now there and just needs refining.

Definitely better, but still to be improved if it is to stand shoulder to shoulder to other offerings from other manufacturers, (navin to name one)

Thanks for the update and I hope to see more included in future versions.


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