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Author Topic: No Fix whatsoever  (Read 3227 times)


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No Fix whatsoever
« on: November 13, 2012, 05:22:59 pm »


I recently bought 3 receiver units for evaluation:
1-   US GlobalSat BU-353-S4.
2-   Holux  GR213
3-   US GlobalSat MR350P
I am unable to get a fix from the BU-353-S4 despite of what I do.
I have took it to the roof of the building and spent some time “15 minutes”  no fix
Left it out hanging from the windows “other GPS models where having a fix” for a complete night  no fix
I tried factory reset “using SirfDemo”  no fix
Please help me to solve the problem or anything that I can do.


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Re: No Fix whatsoever
« Reply #1 on: November 13, 2012, 07:06:23 pm »


Welcome to the forums!

Regarding your testing environment, are you surrounded by any tall trees or buildings? Please place the device where it has access to an open sky.

Have you tested the BU-353-S4 with GPSInfo? If not, please download the program from here:
Make sure to select the proper com port and baud rate. Click on the Start GPS button. Wait for a few minutes and see if could a get a GPS fix.
If not, press the Cold Start button and observe.

Also, can you please register your product and generate a support ticket? Please check your email for further instructions.
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