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Has Globalsat any intention of producing a GPS Glonass Bluetooth GPS similar to the Garmin Glo.
We are using the Garmin Glo with Data Collectors but they only receive gps signals when the unit is moving and its rather annoying when trying to mark a waypoint.
We have to wave the unit wildly around to simulate moving to get a accurate fix.
However we do like the GPS Glonass system. Most of our work is in deep bush under dense foliage and GPS Glonass seems to get better reception
We have always used Globalsat units in the past. BT 821 etc. And consider Globalsat could do a better job of producing such a unit then Garmin

Unfortunately, we do not have any Glonass Bluetooth products available as of this moment. For more details, please refer to this forum posting:

I will go ahead and forward your suggestion to our engineers. Thanks.

After checking with our engineers, unfortunately, they currently do not have plans on developing a GPS Bluetooth Receiver/Data Logger, not to mention to make dual system unit: GPS/Glonass. Moreover, Glonass is majorly used in CIS area.

As the market size is too small to support the development, we are sorry for not supplying GPS/Glonass Bluetooth Receiver/Data Logger. Thank you for understanding.


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