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New DataCentre Software


A few months ago I asked about a playback feature being included in the datacenter software similar to what you can do with various other data loggers from other makers. I asked about playing back recorded tracks and editing them to remove bits you might not wast.

 I was told it would be included in the next release and was do-able, but haven't seen anything yet and wondered how much longer it would be before being ready and available. It was June when I asked and its nearly November now.

Any ideas anyone.

Sorry for the late response.

Just a quick update: Testings for the latest version of the DataCenter program, for Windows, are almost done. Some new features are included, as well as some bugs are fixed.
Also, we will be releasing a MAC version of the DataCenter program with similar functionalities as the Windows version. Both of these versions are estimated to be released within this month.


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