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We have discovered that there is an Android App out there that may possibly get your USB GPS Receiver (like the BU-353, BU-353-S4, and ND-100S) to work with your Android Tablet/Phone with USB Host Support. Please keep in mind that this app will only work with PL2303 USB based GPS Receivers, as mentioned above.

If anyone out there has an Android Tablet that has a USB port and USB Host Support, please test out this app and let us know if it works:

"PL2303 Mock Location Provider":
App download (the cost is about $2.62):
Or, try its free demo version:

We have found a solution:

If your device is running Honeycomb and above (Android 3.1 ~ Android 4.2+), then you can use the "UsbGPS4Honeycomb_MR1_alpha" app to get the USB GPS Receiver working. Please download it from here:

This app was created for us by a developer in France, and it appears to be working, although, we can't guarantee that it'll work on all Android devices.

I would suggest you refer to the video the developer created regarding how to use the app:

If you need further help with this app working on your device, we suggest contacting the developer through the forum posting where the app is found.


     Is there a way to get these without using the Google play store?  It says my tablet is not compatible, even though I'm sure it would work.  I am running Android 4.0.3.  Dont mind paying for it, but I seem to have hit a roadblock.

If you go to XDA Link mentioned above ( you'll be able to download the UsbGPS4Honeycomb_MR1_alpha.apk file and manually install it on your Android Device.

Or are you referring to another app?


Well I got both apps downloaded, but it still isn't recognizing my GPS.  I have a PIPO S3 running Andriod 4.1.1 and a BU-353.  When I open the usb_gps I can't select where it says choose USB device....
when I go into the USB host controller it says S3C USB host driver not found.


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