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Author Topic: GH-625 has stopped communicating with Sports Training Gym. Cable seems ok.  (Read 2137 times)


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Hi, I am brand new to this forum as my GH-625 has worked well for over two years.

Recently, my GH-625M stopped communicating with Sports Training Gym partway through a download and will now no longer be recognised by Sports Training Gym. I thought that my software may have been corrupted so I tried it on another computer and the same issue happens. I think that the cable is ok because it still charges and when it looks for the device within Training Gym it brings up a code on the GH-625 (CMD:BF0000 or CMD:BF4748) I have tried to scan the port on both computers and it says not connected. The device is recognised in windows device manager on both computers (both running vista) If you could assist in any way or let me know where I can seek assistance with the same it would be much appreciated.

I have not tried a factory reset as yet as there are 2 workouts in particular that I want to get off the GH-625.

Thanks and great forum.

Longjog @ GS-Sport-Servicecenter

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Re: GH-625 has stopped communicating with Sports Training Gym. Cable seems ok.
« Reply #1 on: December 07, 2013, 05:50:11 pm »

if the computer recognizes the cable when it is plugged in (have a look at the WIN device-manager for COM-Port number) and the right Com-Port number is selected in Training Gym, the cable seems to be defective. This could happen although charging works.
Best regards

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