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Author Topic: GB-580 F.A.Q.'s  (Read 3868 times)


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GB-580 F.A.Q.'s
« on: July 24, 2012, 06:12:17 pm »

Bike Computer FAQ

1.) Q: What should I do if the watch would not power on?
     A: Press the  UP, OK, and Power  buttons at the same time. You will be able to turn it on in the firmware upgrade mode. Please follow the regular firmware update procedure.

2.) Q: What should I do if the firmware upgrade fails?
         Note: Do not power down your GB-580.
     A: (1) Please go over the process again.
         (2) Choose the proper firmware file.

3.) Q: After installing the software and opening it, a pop-up window shows up stating "The service is not ready." What should I do to resolve that?
     A: Please close the program. Open it back again. The database will reset automatically.

4.) Q: How can I uninstall the GS-Sport Training Gym Pro software?
     A: (1) Utilize the uninstall function from the Windows Menu:
         Start > Programs > Globalsat GS-Sport Training Gym Pro > Uninstall
         (2) Use Add or Remove Programs from Windows Control Panel:
         Go to Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs. Search for GS-Sport Training Gym Pro, click on it to highlight, and press the Change/Remove button.

5.) Q: Where can I download the files if I lost the CD-ROM?
     A: Please go to this website:

6.) Q: How do I keep my current training records before upgrading the software version?
     A: (1) Backup the database from this location: C:\Program Files\GlobalSat Technology\GS-Sport Training Gym Pro\Data\User. You can go ahead and uninstall the software.
         (2) Copy and overwrite the database back to the corresponding folder.

7.) Q: Why am I unable to upgrade the watch with the new firmware?
     A: (1) Please check if the firmware file is correct.
         (2) Verify it the watch is set to System Upgrade mode.

8.) Q: Why does it show "PC COM PORT Error" when I tried to download the data from the device?
     A: (1) Please check if the USB driver is installed or not.
         (2) Connect the watch to your PC with the USB cable.
         (3) Double click the GS-Sport Training GYM Pro' icon from the Desktop to start the application.
         (4) In the Menu Bar, go to Settings > Configuration. Click the “Scan COM Port" button. The COM Port would be automatically scanned.

9.) Q: Why is the device unable to receive a heart rate signal?
     A: (1) Check if you are properly wearing the heart rate monitor. Also, spray some water on it before use.
         (2) Turn on the Heart Rate Alert function.
         (3) If it is still not working, check the battery of the Heart Rate Monitor.

10.) Q: How to edit and upload waypoints through the software?
      A: To Edit Waypoints, see steps below:
         (1) From Track Records, select the training file that you want to browse.
         (2) Click Waypoints in the function bar and you will see all the waypoints. Right-click on one of the waypoints to edit its contents.
         (3) Press the Save button when you're done.
          To Upload Waypoints, refer to the procedures below:
         (1) Select the waypoints that you want to transfer to the device.
         (2) To upload, you can do this by going to Data Transmission > Way Points > Upload to Device.       
         (3) In the watch, please enter CONFIGURATION > CONNECT TO PC.
         (4) Afterwards, it should show that you successfully uploaded the waypoint into the device.

11.) Q: What formats of the training file do the software supports?
       A: It can save or open a training record as or from the following formats: .kml, .nmea, .gpx, csv, and .txt.
           To open a file, go to File > Open. Choose a certain file you want to open.
           To save a file, select one training file you want to save. Go to File > Save. Choose a certain file type you want to save it as.

12.) Q: How to import or export the training records from or to an activity file?
      A: To import the training records from a specific file (.ACT):
          Go to Main > Import Activity. Choose the file you want to import.
          To export the training records to a specific file (.ACT):
          Choose one training file you want to export. Go to Main > Export Activity > Activity Details. Input additional note. Click OK.

13.) Q: Why does it always show "Application database not ready" whenever I execute the software?
       A: Please try the following:
         (1) Navigate to the Services Setting by going to START > Control Panel > System & Maintenance > Administrative Tools > Services.
         (2) Find out service name MySQL1.
         (3) Select MySQL1 and click Start to connect it.
         (4) Please try to open up the program again.

14.) Q: How do I check the firmware version of my watch?
      A: You can do this by going to Main Menu > Configuration > About Product. The last line should indicate the firmware version of your watch, in this format: F-XXX-XX-XXXXXXX.

15.) Q: What languages are currently supported by my watch?
      A: The languages currently supported by the watch are as follows: English, Spanish, Italian, France, German, Chinese, and Russian.
16.) Q:What does "INZN" in the following custom pages mean: SPD INZN; CAD INZN; HR INZN; and PACE INZN. And what do they do?
       A: "SPD INZN (speed in zone)" is the “total time” when your speed is between fast speed and slow speed. (So, its unit is “hour : minute : second” .) The setting of fast speed and slow speed is in MENU / ACTIVITY / SETTING / ALERTS / SPEED/PACE. Other INZN (in zone) function is similar to SPD INZN.

17.) Q: How about Asc SPEED.  I can guess that the Asc might mean Ascending, but if so, how does that help a rider?
       A: Ascend speed" shows you the vertical current speed in mile per hour. So, Ascend speed = climb trip distance (distance in altitude) / time. This value can help user understand how fast/slow the user is in vertical altitude change.

18.) Q: Is it possible to add this info to an updated User Guide, to help clarify this for future customers?
       A: Thank you for your suggestion. We will take it into consideration.

19.) Q: It looks like is down. Is it going to be down permanently? If so, where do we refer GS Sport customers for the latest FW and SW?
       A: It is not decided yet if it will be down permanently. Please go to our official website (refer to below) to download the latest FW/SW.

20.) Q: When using the Speed Sensor, is the speed data from the Speed Sensor also being used for other functions, like calculating the distance traveled?
       A: Speed data will be used for other function such as “distance traveled” , “calories”

21.) Q: Or does the Speed Sensor only provide current Speed, and the GPS provides distance traveled?
       A: Speed sensor only provides current speed ( actually, it is calculated by (Wheel size x Number of rotation)/(time duration) ). GPS can also provide current speed because we can calculate speed by using (distance traveled)/(time duration).

22.) Q: Also, does it provide backup for when GPS signal is weak?
       A: Speed from speed sensor is the first priority, and speed from GPS is the second priority. Both will be another’s backup.

23.) Q: Are there any conditions when the use of the Speed Sensor is desirable?
       A: It is better that user can use speed sensor because the speed will be more precise. There will be error in GPS speed because the positioning error.
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