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This may be a daft question, but I just got a couple of trackers and was wondering about software.

I bought a navin minihomer and a DG-200. Both cost about the same, but the navin comes with a program called NTrip. This allows the playback of the recorded navin tracks within the program and shows you the paths travelled and direction, apart from other stuff. I think the datacentre software supplied with the Gsat a bit of a letdown seeing as Globalsat are such a well known company.

An email to Gsat shows little interest other than to pass the software request on to tech for possible consideration at some point, although no promises are being made. I know the files can be saved for playback in Google earth, but my point is that this is too long winded given that Ntrip (and software supplied with other known loggers) allows this type of playback of the files as a norm. Is it too much to ask that Gsat make some proper effort to allow playback and editing of the recorded tracks without the need of other software.

Anyone know of a good player doing what I want using just google maps because I seem to be unable to do it with mine.

Thanks in advance for any help given.

Regarding the playback feature you're requesting for the DataCenter program, is this for personal use or for business purposes? Just wondering if this specific request is for own usage or if it's dealing with business.

The playback and editing of tracks is wholly for personal use. The Ntrip software supplied with my minihomer (and other less known brands) seem to have these features and I thought it would be in the Gsat software seeing as Globalsat is such a large brand. I bought the DG-200 because of the name as I have had other Globalsat products in the past and been happy.

Playback of saved files in google earth is ok, but being unable to edit (and remove sections where the vehicle was not moving) is a letdown as I have to sit through lengthy breaks in the playback, plus the use of simpler google maps (instead of earth) as is possible with  Ntrip would be much preferred. Seeing direction of travel is a must, and some selectable icons would be nice to represent method of travel.

Don't see why anyone would not want these features for a data logger. It would seem a normal requirement to me. Thanks for replying at least.

Here's hoping.

Thanks for the info. As of now, our engineers are busy with other projects, so they have limited time and resources. However, we'll go ahead and follow up with our engineers about this feature request. Perhaps, they could look into this and see if it's possible to implement in the DataCenter program.

You could possibly further search online and check if there are programs that has this feature. Since the DataCenter program has the Export function, you could export the .gsr file into the different file formats. And, use that specific file format with that program.

I have looked online and most of the programs supplied with the loggers seem to be limited to working with their own formats, although they all seem to export to the various gpx and kml, etc. Main problem is they don't import or open such formats which means thats it. Understandable given that the Ntrip software does so much within the program with the tracks from the minihomer, and very full featured given that its supplied freely with registered versions of the minihomer and not a lot otherwise.

I wouldn't suggest you copy Ntrip, but you should have a look at what it does as the program makes the use of the logger so much better and allows you to use a logger to the full. I haven't yet found anything (including google earth) that does the same with such simplicity and without leaving the program. You can see exactly what road you're on and where you're going where google earth is not so informative. Although datacenter shown the track and road names perfectly well,  its usefulness is severely limited in comparison without a proper playback feature.

I honestly thought Globalsat would have wanted to lead in the software stakes and still think the DG-200 is great in its simplicity with a simple turn on and off to use, but it could have been a proper class beater with better software, for me anyway.


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