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Author Topic: Detecting the usb GPS device and giving some output in nonreadable format.  (Read 2884 times)


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Tried to run the AppleUSBCDCDriver sample code.It is detecting the usb device and giving some output in nonreadable format.How can the data be converted to a readable format. This is a part of the code.

 (void)serialPortReadData:(NSDictionary *)dataDictionary
    // this method is called if data arrives
    // @"data" is the actual data, @"serialPort" is the sending port
    AMSerialPort *sendPort = [dataDictionary objectForKey:@"serialPort"];
    NSData *data = [dataDictionary objectForKey:@"data"];
    if ([data length] > 0) {
        NSString *text = [[NSString alloc] initWithData:data encoding:NSASCIIStringEncoding];
        [outputTextView insertText:text];
        [text release];
        // continue listening
        [sendPort readDataInBackground];
    } else { // port closed
        [outputTextView insertText:@"port closed\r"];
    [outputTextView setNeedsDisplay:YES];
    [outputTextView displayIfNeeded];


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Hello sunil,

Sorry for the delay. After checking with our engineers, they stated the following instructions can possibly assist you. Please refer below:
1.  First, make sure the driver is properly installed.
2.  Download the serial tools to make sure the driver is working properly and the MR-350 functions normally:
3.  Then, use the xcode to read the GPS. You can refer to this site:

Other than this suggestion, we cannot provide further support. Thank you for understanding. 
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