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Converting NMEA format to Text format


Basically, the Text (Google Maps) and NMEA (default output coming out from most of our GPS Receivers) are using different coordinate formats. For example:
Text: -36.65384, 174.59835
(N or S)dd.dddddd, (E or W)ddd.dddddd
NMEA: E17435.9015, S3639.2305
(E or W)dddmm.mmmm, (N or S)ddmm.mmmm
As you can see, they are formatted differently. To able to convert the NMEA to the Text format, please refer below:
35.9015 / 60 = 0.5983583
174 + 0.59835 =E174.59835
39.2305 / 60 = 0.6538416
36 + 0.6538416 = S36.65384
In other words, both formats are pointing to the exact same spot.


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