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GPSInfo for Android was developed based on "bluegps-4droid". The original source code project is available here:
You can read more about this project here:


--- Quote from: ygrysli on February 07, 2012, 12:47:56 pm ---Is there any similar application for USB GPS (BU-353) to be recognized by android 3.2.1?

--- End quote ---

I'm the original developer of BlueGps4Droid, the app from which the android version of GPSInfo is derived.
I'm glad to discover that Globalsat has found my work interesting enough to build their open source android version of GPSinfo on it. 

To answer your question I've also developed an usb compatible version (UsbGps4Droid) which can be found on GitHub.
Since I don't have any usb GPS the development is quite slow and the app is still a beta version, however the actual version has been used successfully on several devices. If you're still interested you could try to see if it works on your Gen9.
As BlueGps4Droid, the usb version is free and open source  :)


Herbert von Broeuschmeul

Hello Herbert,

Welcome to the forums! Thank you for providing your application for free and open source.

For further details, please check your email for our response.

Again, thanks.

Hi, I have bought a GlobalSat BT-368i Bluetooth GPS receiver and is using it to replace a less-responsive GPS antenna that comes with my custom Dynavin D99-E39A unit for my BMW X5.

The GPSInfo works with the Android 2.2 that comes in the head unit. I can select the 368i receiver, check provider, and then check start GPS. The problem comes when I reboot Android OS and relaunch GPSInfo. Desspite the app remembers that "GPS start/stop" is checked, GPS doesn't actually start. Therefore everytime I start the car and therefore booting Android from scratch, I not only had to launch GPSInfo, but had to uncheck-then-recheck the "start/stop" in order to get GPS reading to start.

So there are two features that I have questions:

1. Automatic launch of the GPSInfo app upon booting up. The "Manage Application" shows the launch option for GPsInfo disabled. Can this be enabled so the app starts when Android OS has booted up?
2. Once GPSInfo is launched, if the "start/stop GPS" is checked and remembered, then it should automatically begin reading from the GPS receiver?

I don't know if this can/should be resolved at BlueGps4Droid code or in GPSInfo? Thoughts?



Welcome to the forums! Thank you for using the BT-368i.

Please refer below for the answers regarding your questions about the GPSInfo - Android version:
1. The GPSInfo program does not automatically start up when the Android OS has booted up. You have to manually open it up.
2. Similarly, the program does not automatically read from the GPS Receiver. You have to manually click on the Start/Stop GPS in order to start receiving data from the receiver.
In this way the head unit doesn't use up so much battery since you don't have the program always open up and waiting for it to receive data.

I believe they could not be considered problems or issues since that's how other applications normally behave. Also, other end-users have confirmed that this application works fine.
Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks.


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