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In order to get your Bluetooth GPS Receiver working with your Android device, you can utilize our GPSInfo Android App, which makes the external bluetooth receiver as your default GPS source.

Please install the GPSInfo Android App from here:

Make sure to follow the instructions on the App Description.

Is there any similar application for USB GPS (BU-353) to be recognized by android 3.2.1?

For other applications, you can possibly refer to this forum posting:

Let me know if you have any questions.

Please refer below for the written instructions:


1) First, pair your GlobalSat Bluetooth GPS Receiver to your device. The pairing code is 0000.

2) Enable "Allow mock locations" on your device by going to Settings > Applications > Development. Then, turn on "Allow mock locations".

3) Open up the GPSInfo App.

4) Tap on "Choose Bluetooth GPS" and select the GlobalSat Bluetooth GPS receiver. It should be listed as "BT-GPS-XXXXX".

5) Select whether you want to utilize "Bluetooth GPS to use a new location provider" or "Bluetooth GPS to replace internal GPS".

6) Tap on "Start/Stop GPS".

7) You should be able to see the GPS data by tapping on "NMEA Data" and "GPS Data".

If you want to record the NMEA log, check the box "Enable/Disable NMEA log". The NMEA Log will be recorded in "/sdcard/nmea".

To download the GPSInfo app directly from your Android device, you can scan the QR code shown below:


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