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Author Topic: G-pod. About communication between devices.  (Read 2206 times)


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G-pod. About communication between devices.
« on: September 24, 2011, 03:33:07 am »

Sorry for harrassing you all about this accelerometerstuff but I can't really drop it. I've mentioned most of the things already in this thread but I would like to develop the topic a little more to hopefully get more opinions on what I suggest and since we discussed that we should try to separate ideas as much as possible to get concentrated discussions I've decided to split up the old thread into different ones. So there will be more threads the forthcoming days.
So why am I so into this accelerometerideas? More and more people (like me) are getting into forefootrunning and getting interested in cadence. As far as I'm concerned none of the big companies on the market has developed this yet so it could be a way for Globalsat to increase their popularity at the same time as developing a good product.

The idea is to create the G-pod, an accelerometer which can be quickly moved from arm to foot depending on what sport that is being practised. The name "G-pod" I chose because of the name Globalsat or Gs-Sport and the fact that the letter G is used in physics as a unit for acceleration. Acceleration towards earth (gravity), that is, but still... :-)

Alternatives for communication:

1. Wireless. Wireless should be the transfer of choice. In water, transfer between pod and watch have said to be a problem but if the pod is situated between the arm and the watch I can't see that this should be a problem since there basically won't be any water between the devices. And even if solution 2 or 3 needs be used under water the pod should still be needing wireless for other sports, like cycling but I'll get to that in the bikethread.

2. Clip. A pod that have the same size as the watch could easily fit between the watch and the arm. This would give superior connection compared to wireless but can of course not be used while biking. Also, the connection between the devices would have to be waterproof and I'm not sure if this could be done in a simple way. About running though I assume that the movement of the arm is big enough to put the cadencemeter there as well as on the leg since they correspond and would give the same reading.  Also, if there's room in the pod one could also put a little battery in there for charging while performing. However I've heard that the watches in use right now tend to give bad readings while charged during performance so I'm not sure if this is a good idea. It would also be a little heavier.

3. Cable. Cable would also work. Pod would have to be situated under watch or next to it. To get waterproofness the hole should be on the side of the watch instead of on the backside and being closed by watertight screw instead of the normal little lid. The cable from the pod should then have a little screw on it so that you first plug it in and the secure it with the screw. (will upload drawing here)
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