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Problems With Forum-Posting Verification Questions

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There appears to be some very significant problems with the verification questions that we are required to answer prior to successfully being able to make a post on the forum.

The following Verification Questions do not function correctly on this forum(meaning that the answers that the forum is configured to accept for these questions are not correct in the database):

how many letters are there in the word water?     Correct answer should be:  5

  how many fingers are there in a hand?:     Correct answer should be:  5

  how many letters are therer in "USGLOBALSAT"?:     Correct answer should be:  11

  how many stars does the U.S.A. flag have?     Correct answer should be:  50

I'm sure most of the forum members here know of this issue, but I wanted to point it out so that a forum administrator can hopefully resolve this issue.  It's extremely inconvenient to make a post with the problem persisting the way it does at the moment.  There may be other verification questions for which the configured answers are also incorrect, but I just listed the ones that I encountered in my brief stint as a forum member here.

Hi Partyman,

You have to write the answers with letters instead of numbers. Then it should work.

In your example the right answers would be: five, five, eleven, fifty

Regards TT

Hello All,

In order to easily post a topic, the answers to the forum posting verification questions has been modified. Now, they can be written as numbers instead of letters.

For example, the right answers would be: 5, 5, 11, 50.

Why have all this verification nonsense?  We are already logged in as human beings.  All this verification nonsense should not be necessary.  Perhaps, that is part of the reason that this forum is so poorly attended.

Regarding the posting verification questions, we are truly sorry for the inconvenience it has incurred since it helps to prevent spammers for posting irrelevant topics. As of now, if you reach a certain amount of postings, you should not be able to encounter them.

Again, we are sorry for the trouble and thank you for understanding.


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