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If you would like to impart with others your experience of a particular GlobalSat DataLogger unit, please answer the questions below for your reference:

First Impressions:
What is your initial impression of our product?
In terms of:
Physical Features
Ease of Use

Pros and Cons:
What do you like, what you don't like

Additional Comments:
What more can you say about our product?

What needs to be improved/developed?

Thank you for your review. We do appreciate that you're taking the time and putting in effort in sharing your inputs. Again, thank you very much.

First Impressions
It's tiny ! It's inexpensive.
The device is very easy to use and lightweight. Last time I tested it, it logged continuously for more than 20 hours

Pros and Cons
+ I like the size, the autonomy, the precision and the price.
- I don't like the fact that you need to install a driver to communicate with the device from a computer.

Additional Comments
I owned a DG-100 before and was satisfied by the product, the DG-200 is just better in every aspect.

You should consider a driver-less device, it would be nice if the device was seen as a usb storage key, containing nmea or gpx files.

Dear pixelk,

Thanks for sharing your input about our product. Also, we'll keep your suggestions in mind.

We appreciate your time and effort. Again, thanks.


Thanks for sharing information. Actually I had also the same question in mind for a long time anyways you started this thread & I am so happy. 8)


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