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Indoor Use of GPS


Since the receiver is inside a building, it can only 'see' a few satellites or possibly none. The fewer satellites that it can access, the given location would be inaccurate.

If the unit is outside with a clear access to an open sky (no tall building or trees around), it would show a more accurate position. That's why it's the ideal environment for a device to be able obtain a good GPS fix because it can 'see' several satellites.

If a device is positioned adjacent to the window, it's not the same as having it outside with an open sky. Moreover, it only has 1/3 view of the sky. In other words, 2/3 of the satelittes are not in view.

StarsirfV is coming... I guess :-)

Yes, indeed. We will have some SiRFStarIV products available in the near future.


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