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Author Topic: Multisport Function  (Read 22560 times)


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Re: Multisport Function
« Reply #45 on: July 04, 2011, 05:25:31 am »

Speed filter (useful to improve accurance of swim destance) should be able to set for each sport separately.

Hi Rookie,
I donĀ“t understand what speed-filter should be good for in other sports than swimming.
I suggest to be able to set up speed filter in configuation-menue. It should be used always if swimsport is selected in Gym-menue or while swimming during multisport.
While other sports the speedfilter should be off.

Do you have any experiances with the swim-filter? Which speed should be selected?
Last week I realized one again that 4 km/h filter is to less. Althought I swum less than 4 km/h the watch recorded only 11 track-points in half an hour (measured 1,36 km).

@Geoffrey: How does the speedfilter work? Is the actual measured speed applicable? I thing it would be better if the AVG-speed calculated from the last recorded track point to the actual track point is applicable for the speed-filter.

Best regards


Hi Longjog,

It is challenge to come out adaptive avg speed, due to it often happens lost signal during swimming.
Now swimming filter was set as the threshold level; data will be record if above the value.
The swimming filter is recommended referring the swimmer data to set.
For professional swimmer, the value is 6 km/hr. For normal case, maybe 4 km/hr is enough.
I think GH-625XT with SirF IV will have better performance in this case.


I have noticed that 4km/h is too low level to record track points enough. This is not any swimmer speed related problem, it is due to GPS weaknes on water. Of cource better swimmers have to set this filter bit over their max speed, but this is not relevant in my case and 6km/h is good for me (my actual swiming speed is around 4km/h or less).

And as far I know, GH-625xt is not swimming suitable because of it weak water resistant. But for next triathlon product GH-595 this will be applicable.

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