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Author Topic: Page changing in new beta firmware  (Read 3287 times)


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Page changing in new beta firmware
« on: May 08, 2011, 12:09:38 am »

Hey Geoffrey!  :)

How are you doing??? We suppose that you are really busy because we did'nt see you much on the forum lately.

Actually it's the same for me. And I am sorry if I did not work much on video et new watch design because I changed for a new job a few weeks ago and it is really time consuming. Every spare time I have I pass it outside instead than in front on my computer.

I am doing my training with 505 and realised that, for me, page changing is really the biggest downside of the watch. When you are in hurry and want to go back to the activity page, it just don't work. I am doing interval training with this watch and I find navigation very challenging.

So I would like to know if it's possible to try different option with a new firmware. You said that double clicking to go back to activity page is not a good idea because it can mix up people. I think it's true for the right side buttons but I am still unsure for the left side buttons. Especially for the lower left side button. I think that double clicking this button to go back directly to the activity page can be pretty intuitive. Maybe I am the only one to think that...? Anyway it would be great if we could try both option -long pressing and double clicking- in new firmware to see if there is one option that is preferable...

Anyhow, give us some news from your side  ;)  and have a wonderful week!


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