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Author Topic: Pairing with Windows Mobile 6.1 or 6.5  (Read 7512 times)


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Pairing with Windows Mobile 6.1 or 6.5
« on: April 25, 2011, 12:37:10 pm »

Please follow the instructions below:
  • Turn on the Bluetooth feature on your cellphone (on both 6.1 or 6.5 series).
  • Power on the GPS Receiver by holding it's power button for at least 1 second.
  • To search the device on the 6.5 and 6.5.3  versions, go to Start Menu > Settings > Bluetooth. On Devices Tab, click on "Add new device..." option and search for bluetooth.
    For 6.1 Pro version, go to Start Menu > Settings > Connections > Bluetooth. On Devices Tab, click on "Add new device" option and search for bluetooth.
  • Once device is found, click on the device and enter this passcode: 0000.
  • Next, click on Advanced option and check the "Serial Port" box.
  • Go to Com Ports tab and incorporate a new Com Port to show the device. Uncheck the "Secure Connection" box and proceed to add the outgoing com port.
  • Now, go to Security tab and uncheck "Authentication (Passkey) required" box.
  • Navigate back to Setting Menu and go to "System" option in both 6.1 and 6.5 versions.
  • Locate controls for "External GPS".
  • In External GPS Menu, go to Program tab and select the incoming com port.
  • Under the Hardware tab, choose the outgoing com port and leave the Baud Rate to 4800 (default value).
  • The receiver has been configured. To start GPS, open up the "GPSInfo.exe" file and execute it.
  • Before testing it, confirm if the device is turned on. Also make sure the bluetooth feature is enabled.
  • From the drop-down list selection, choose the outgoing com port, set the Baud Rate as 4800, and tap on "Start GPS" button.
  • You should be able to see continuous scrolling data.


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Re: Pairing with Windows Mobile 6.1 or 6.5
« Reply #1 on: May 29, 2013, 01:48:45 am »

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