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Author Topic: Merry X'Mas 2010 and see you in CES~  (Read 3430 times)


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Merry X'Mas 2010 and see you in CES~
« on: December 22, 2010, 10:40:23 pm »

Dear customers,

Wish you have a wonderful holiday! We are sincere to invite you all visit us in CES.  :D
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Re: Merry X'Mas 2010 and see you in CES~
« Reply #1 on: December 24, 2010, 04:29:03 pm »

Merry Xmas and sportful new year to all of you on forum! And thanks for GS of all your wondeful support so far!

Let's take oppotunity to relax during holiday and come back more stronger and with new ideas at 2011.



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Re: Merry X'Mas 2010 and see you in CES~
« Reply #2 on: January 04, 2011, 02:01:27 pm »

Happy New Year

to all members of the forum !

I know, I'm a little bit late - but I'm just coming back from some vacation,
where I did a lot of hiking (sometimes in deep snow).

On all of my tracks I had my GH-505 with me, just for recording the track
in a few situations also for track back. And it always did a good job !  :)
Maybe next time, I should use a battery pack. This time, battery capacity
was enough for our tracks, even in rather cold temperatures (like -10 C).

And... one more estonishing thing: GPS fix was much better than that on my
(rather new) mobile phone. In the meantime I have accepted, that GH-505
needs 3-5 minutes for GPS fix and for a hiking tour of some hours it doesn't
really matter if the watch starts 3 or 5 minutes later.
But using a mobile phone with a included street map, what I wanted to use
to know the direction and the streets to follow, which sometimes needs 15
minutes to know its own position... this makes me angry.  >:(

And even wearing a thick coat and gloves, so that GH-505 normally couldn't
"see" the satellites, it never lost the GPS fix. Amazing !
On the other hand, my mobile phone: I had to carry it in my hand for having
GPS signals. Inside my coat, GPS was lost.

So - I was happy to have my GH-505 with me. And I have a personal wish for
the next year:
Last year wasn't very successfull for my running training. I had to suffer from
a lot of (small) problems. And I really hope, that 2011 will bring a little bit more
success again.

I wish all the best to everybody !  Many thanks to the GlobalSat Team.
Keep on working on your products as you did up to now. You are doing
a very good job !

Best regards, Hubert
GH-625XT, Firmware: F-GGH-2P-1112231 (Beta)
GH-505 M, Firmware: F-GGH-2C-1007161 (Beta)
GH-625 M, Firmware: F-GGH-2A-1001073 (Version XII)
with GS-Sport Gym Pro v1.6.8 and Sporttracks 2.1.3326


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Re: Merry X'Mas 2010 and see you in CES~
« Reply #3 on: January 05, 2011, 06:08:17 am »

Hello All,

I was away for a couple weeks, but never the less. For all a good, Happy en Healthy New Year. ;D
That this year may bring us a very good sportive year, without injury. ;D
For Globalsat I hope a good selling year. :)


GH-625M, Firmware: F-GGH-2A-1012103, GB580P version 2.0 F-GGB-21402241.GHX,  GH 625XT, GH 561, Training Gym Pro V1.7.10 / Sport Tracks (ST)2.1.3478/ST3.1.5202
Biker, minimum 8000 km a Year.


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Re: Merry X'Mas 2010 and see you in CES~
« Reply #4 on: January 08, 2011, 08:37:38 am »

Thanks for all best wishes! :D
We will keep our best even to you even though we stop GH-505 (It is pity). We recurit more manpower to get involving new product development.
We plan to offer cycling computer, GH-625XT and GH-595 (5ATM water resistance, very good look ;)) into the market this year.
Please keep loving Globalsat product and hope your supports accompany our growth.


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