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On Windows I have used this application in the past: GPS DATA LOGGER. I need something that does the same on Mac OS X. It must be able to run on the computer and write track info to a file/database. After searching a lot of apps that purport to do this, I can’t find any that will actually do it. Any ideas?

Can you please repost the link for the 'GPS DATA LOGGER'? Nothing happened when I clicked on it.

Also, can you please explain what kind of track information you want to 'write' into to a certain file or database? The more details you provide, the better for us the understand it. Thank you.

I can't edit the post above, so I've specified the link in my signature. Generally, we need to capture data from a GPS device (GLL or RMC sentences) and a sounder (NMEA 0183 compatible), aggregate it (GPS coordinates should be linked with a sounder value) and export to Excel. Now, I would capture it to an Access database, because the measure interval is very large. The software above allows it, but I didn't find same functionality for Mac.

Unfortunately, we do not have a software that can function like this. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Also, I looked around in their forum and saw that they don't have any plans of supporting the MAC platform. Perhaps, if you directly contact them and inquire whether they know of other programs with similar features that can be used with MAC OS.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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