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I am looking for the file for a WM6.1 phone.  I tried the download for Windows Mobile 6 devices but that is an .exe file and will not run on my WM6.1 phone.  Is there any way I can download the .cab file to install gpsinfo on my phone?

Please try to download and install this GPSInfo program:

As stated by our engineers, you can go to File Explorer and ran GPSInfo.exe mandatorily. It would work.

You can also refer to the user guide from here:

Let me know how it goes.

I downloaded the program as directed and then went to File Explorer an tried to run GPSInfo.exe and received the error, "A problem has occored with GPSINFO.EXE", and the program closes.  I am unable to use the activesync option as my mobile will not sync to my pc.

Can you please provide us the specifications and other relevant facts about your phone? The more information you gave us, the better for us to determine the problem.

The phone is an HTC XV6900 with Windows Mobile 6.1.  It is a Verizon phone with the MR1 ROM installed.  The RAM size is 128MB with 58.66 free for programs and the flash size is 256 with 3.85MB free.  The processor is a Qualcomm 7500 400MHz.  It does have an on-board gps chip but that is locked for Verizon's own software.


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