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How to change your baud rate on your USB GPS device.


You can change the baud rate of your with the SiRF Demo software
Install and then run the Sirf Demo software.

Connect your device and select the correct COM port and select the current baud rate. (usually, 4800)

Go to Action > Open Data Source

Then go to Action > Switch to SiRF Protocol

Then go to Action > Switch to NMEA Protocol

In the window that pops up, under baud rate, select the baud rate you'd like and select Send.

That should change your baud rate to the baud rate you selected.

By the way, these changes maybe only temporary.



Is it not possible to select / change the Baud Rates using the NMEA Protocol as follows?
    4800/8/N/1      $PSRF100,1,4800,8,1,0*0E<cr><lf>
    9600/8/N/1      $PSRF100,1,9600,8,1,0*0D<cr><lf>
   19200/8/N/1      $PSRF100,1,19200,8,1,0*38<cr><lf>
   38400/8/N/1      $PSRF100,1,38400,8,1,0*3D<cr><lf>

Yes, it is possible to select or change the Baud Rate via the NMEA Protocol. For more info, please refer here (pg. 2-2):

Thanks again for your response.

The device is installed successfully now on COM4. I notice in Device Manager that it is set at default 9600 baud. Should this be changed to 4800?

This is the exact unit I bought:

There is no need to change the Baud Rate in the Device Manager. Just proceed testing the unit with the GPSInfo utility. For more info, please click here:


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