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 on: March 10, 2015, 04:59:33 pm 
Started by SyBB - Last post by SyBB

Device: USGlobalSat BU-353S4

Hardware:  MacPro
Operating system: OSX 10.8.5
Programming Language: C

Mac OSX USB Driver: Version 1.5.1
GPSUtility: Version 2.10

I am working on an application to read the NMEA data from the device.

When I run the GPSUtility it obtains a fix of my current position and
the NMEA data scrolls by in the left panel.  It appears that the device
is working properly and the software driver is installed.

If I quit the GPSUtility and start my application, it reads and displays
the NMEA data.

If I run my application before running the GPSUtility it doesn't read or
display the NMEA data.

I suspect that the problem is in initializing the device.  Per the FAQ,
I have tried sending the following NMEA sentences.

4800/8/N/1 - 4800/8/N/1 - $PSRF100,1,4800,8,1,0*0E
Warm Start - $PSRF101,0,0,0,0,0,0,12,2*16
Enable WAAS/EGNOS - $PSRF151,01*0F
Enable GGA Output 1sec - $PSRF103,0,0,1,1*25
Enable GLL Output 1sec - $PSRF103,1,0,1,1*24
Enable GSA Output 5sec - $PSRF103,2,0,5,1*23

I write the sentences to the device with the checksum followed by <CR><LF>.

I check the return code after writing to the device and there is no error.

Am I missing something?  Are there any additional initialization sentences
that I should be using?



 on: March 03, 2015, 12:05:43 am 
Started by spcmnspff - Last post by spcmnspff
Hi I was wondering if I could obtain the documentation on the data protocol for the GB-580 when downloading tracks over the usb/virtual serial port.  I'm writing a python script that can interface with the device, download tracks and store them in any number of formats.  This will hopefully become more portable between different OS'es (i.e. linux, mac, or windows), etc.  I have a pretty good idea of how this works and can work backwards somewhat, but having the specs will save me some time for one, but more importantly it will allow me be more thorough in supporting all the features.


 on: February 24, 2015, 06:31:12 pm 
Started by rui - Last post by rui
Hi everybody.
I have just purchased an A-Rival SQ-100 and I'm trying to use Training Gym Pro (v 1.8.0).
I can't make TGP show Google Maps or Google Earth on the right side panel.
When I click on "Main/show on google map",  I get the following message "Please download or select Track Record(s) before viewing in Google??Map". I can't find Track Record anywhere.
Thanks for you help.

 on: February 23, 2015, 08:43:19 am 
Started by Foresttracker - Last post by Foresttracker
When I run the Training Gym Pro (V 1.8.0) a script error window comes up. The error indication came suddently. The TGP worked perfect before.
I can run the program but no maps screen comes up.
The error window says (i translated it from german to english):

In the script of this page a failure occured.
Line: 2
Sign: 279
Failure: The display properties were not found. Unvalid argument.
Code: 0

Than it asks if one would like to perform the scripts on this page.

Possible answer Yes or No.
I have no idea what to do.

I deinstalled the TGP already, installed it again, no change.
It does't matter if I use the Internet Expl. or the M. Firefox as a the Standard Browser.

What can I do.


 on: February 19, 2015, 07:02:26 pm 
Started by FloJ12 - Last post by FloJ12
Hello, I get following map error in V1.8:

Translated: The display properties were not found. Illegal Argument.
What can I do?

 on: January 29, 2015, 03:41:25 pm 
Started by USG_Tech12 - Last post by USG_Tech12
Hello All,

So we have a GPSinfo application for Android version 4.0 and above. Here is the link to the application:
If you have issues setting up your device with the app or enabling your mock locations please look in our forum for the instructions on how to enable your developer options or contact support at

Thank you

 on: January 22, 2015, 08:03:17 pm 
Started by USG_Tech12 - Last post by USG_Tech12
Hello All,

Android has the USB drivers for our GPS Receivers built-in it's Linux kernel (PL2303), and if your device is running Honeycomb and above (Android 3.1 ~ Android 5.1+), it should work.

To use your USB GPS Receiver on Android, you'll need the GPSInfo app to make your Android device use the external GPS, instead of the internal GPS. You can download the GPSInfo app from here:

If the GPSInfo doesn't detect the GPS, then please try using this app instead:

Then you'll need to enable Mock Locations in the Developer Settings menu. Most devices have Developer Settings hidden, so you'll need to follow this video on how to show Developer Settings:

Then you just plug in the GPS, and you should get a pop up that the GPS was detected, then you click Start GPS and you're set.

Any app that uses GPS will now start using the external GPS for GPS data.

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks.

 on: January 19, 2015, 01:41:29 pm 
Started by USG_Tech12 - Last post by USG_Tech12
Hello All,

Lately there has been questions about Windows RT and the compatibility with our devices. Due to the OS not being able to download drivers and exc. files our devices are "not" compatible.
We had our RD department look into any possible solutions to this issue and found nothing. If your able to get it working or found a solution to this issue. Please post it on the forum or email it to Thank you

 on: January 15, 2015, 02:48:24 pm 
Started by USG_Tech12 - Last post by USG_Tech12
To use our NMEA GPS Receiver on Google Earth, you'll need follow these steps:
1. Plug in your GPS.
2. Open Google Earth.
3. Go to Tools > GPS > Realtime.
4. Select NMEA & check the "Automatically follow the path" box.
5. Leave everything else as is & click "Start".
6. Google Earth should then detect your GPS and zoom in to your location.

Please let us know if you have any questions. Thanks.

 on: January 07, 2015, 12:52:28 pm 
Started by J2R - Last post by J2R
I bought a GH-625XT in Spring 2013 to replace a GH615B which had done me sterling service since 2007 (albeit having to be replaced under warranty within a year). In general, the GH-625XT was an improvement, particularly in terms of sensitivity and accuracy, although there were some bizarre and pointless little changes in the software which severely affected the usability of the watch for real-world running use. I mentioned this in the thread from early in my ownership of the watch. At that point I hoped the problems would be addressed by some firmware update (as things usually were with the GH615), and have been dismayed to find that this is not the case.

To reiterate, the specific, maddening, pointless change I am referring to is the behaviour of the OK button when on a run. With the GH615, if you pressed this button, it would pause the watch, and if you pressed it again it would immediately resume the watch, which is exactly how it should be. With the GH-625XT, though, when you press the button, it puts it into a kind of display mode for 10 seconds or so, which you have to dismiss with another press of the button if you want to resume the watch. This is completely unnecessary - for one thing, no-one needs the display for more than a couple of seconds, and for another, any button presses shouldn't be 'intercepted' by this screen but should go to the underlying function instead (i.e., should resume/pause the watch). Because of this, I have screwed up the time recording of so many runs in the dark. To make matters worse, the little alert sounds have been changed so you can't even do it by ear. On the old watch, when you pressed the button to pause, the watch would make a little descending series of notes, and when resuming, an ascending series of notes. This new one does not do this, so you basically have to stop and turn on the light to make sure you've stopped or started the watch correctly, which is clearly unworkable for a serious runner.

Still, I've lived with this for 20 months. But now I've bought a Garmin Forerunner 220 to replace the watch, because of hardware failure which has rendered it unusable. The OK button has fallen off and disappeared somewhere, which is exactly what happened to the 615M in the end (although after much longer than 20 months). On top of this, the cover for the connector at the back has broken off, and now the connection itself is dodgy - I have to push the connector sideways slightly to get it to connect properly and hold it like that while transferring data. Less than 2 years is not a good lifespan for a GPS watch like this, I would say.

It's a shame, as I really have no great desire to go over to the Garmin camp. I think you potentially have a great piece of kit here, but it has some serious flaws. You need to address the silly software issue (the GH615, or GH625 as upgraded via firmware, was fine in this respect). You also need to make the buttons and connectors more robust. I hope to come back to GlobalSat at some point in the future when you have a new watch which addresses these issues.

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