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GlobalSat WorldCom Corp. was established at the beginning of the new millenia (the year 2000) in Taipei, Taiwan and soon after became a major manufacturer of GPS receivers and electronic communications devices globally. GlobalSat WorldCom Corp. has refined its core product lines to GPS applications, which consist of All-In-One Car Navigation devices, Bluetooth GPS, Cable GPS, SDIO/Compact Flash GPS, GPS Tracking Systems (GSM/GPRS/SMS communication with GPS/A-GPS), Athletic Personal training GPS Devices, GPS Engine Boards/Modules, and GPS System Integration. GlobalSat WorldCom Corp. exports mainly to Europe and North America. Sales to the North American markets are mainly facilitated in its affiliate office in Chino, California. Catering to a variety of buyers/resellers, most of the company's products are bundled into the client's system products, such as PDA's or mobile/smart phones. Sales to other regions are achieved through regional channel distributors. GlobalSat WorldCom Corp. has been in the ODM business for at least five years, selling to several publicly listed companies. GlobalSat WorldCom Corp. provides a customization service, which consists of industrial design, electronic designs, system integration and software development, to meet the special project requirements for ODM.









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