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BA-100 Bluetooth Finder

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About The BA-100 Beetle Wireless Locator

The Beetle wireless locator is an excellent, full-featured, easy and convenientdevice with the ability to track a person or a personal object within a short range. Thewarning range can be set depending on the user's needs. The Beetle Wireless Locator can help you save time looking for somethingwithin an 82 foot radius.The software for Beetle Wireless Locator was developed independently and verified by the Apple® APP Store®.Users can download the app directly from Apple's APP Store and it is100% free. The Software has the ability to show battery power (of the Beetle Wireless Locator), distance and adjustable sound settings.

Package Contents:
• BA-100 (main unit)
• Multiple Faceplate Stickers
• Lanyard
• Extra Battery (CR2032)

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