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TR-206 Personal 2-Way Voice Tracker

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About The TR-206 Personal Tracker

The TR-206 is targeted towards children and the elderly. It not only works as a tracker but also as a basic cell phone with two-way voice communication to keep in touch with those whom are important to you, with pre-programmed phone numbers via a single button dialing. It also has an extra long battery life, and has an easy to use interface. The TR-206 come with a SOS emergency panic button that when pressed sends a text message to the assigned phone number(s) to alert them to your emergency. The device can record, track, and geo-tag its position via an "Over the Air" (OTA) command to the tracking unit. The device can also be setup with a "Geo- fencing" function, when the device is taken out of the "geo-fence" area it will alert the assigned phone number(s).

Package Contents:
• TR-206 (main unit)
• USB Interface Cable
• AC Charger
• Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery

(SIM not included)

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